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Paula Deen Net Worth 2020

How Much Is Paula Deen Worth In 2013? Paula Deen, cook, restaurant owner, author, and host of several Food Network series has built a media empire which is

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5 Fast Food Chains Who are Giving Back to Their Communities

Supporting local businesses is one of the things we all should do right now to help each other tide through the health and economic crisis brought upon by the pandemic. Small restaurants, in particular, are often very active in giving back to their communities, so it would be nice to lend them a hand as well during these tough times.…

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The Myth of PLU Codes and GMO Foods

Do you look for the four or five-digit code on your products to help avoid GMO foods? You’ll find lots of advice online telling you to do just that, but there’s one problem – it’s pretty much complete nonsense. Many sites online will tell you to look for this code in order to know what you’re buying. Find a number…

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