• Gambling

    Top 5 Casino Sites To Play Online Roulette In Ireland

    Roulette is arguably the most popular casino game that attracts players all around the world. The unique game set, the spinning wheel, and the thrill make it so famous. Even those who never played any casino game can learn roulette rules very quickly. With technological improvements, the gambling industry moved online as well. Therefore, you don’t need to dress up…

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  • History

    Hy-Brasil: The Legendary Phantom Island of Ireland

    Hy-Brasil was an island which appeared on ancient maps as early as 1325 and into the 1800s. On most maps, it was located roughly 321km (200 miles) off the west coast of Ireland in the North Atlantic Ocean. One of the most distinctive geographical features of Hy-Brasil on those maps is that it often appears as a circle with a…

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