• Photo of Vanessa Hudgens Uses Keto Diet To Stay Fit

    Vanessa Hudgens Uses Keto Diet To Stay Fit

    Vanessa Hudgens is an American singer and actress. She is physically strong and fit because she uses a ketogenic diet in her routine. Keto diet plays an essential role in keeping your body healthy and fit. But you need to select some specific diets that give access to the body to burn extraordinary fats and allow these fats to burn…

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  • Photo of Mary J Blige Net Worth 2019

    Mary J Blige Net Worth 2019

    After selling 50 million albums Mary J. Blige net worth according to NYS is only $1.2 million after tax liens and lawsuits. Her $12 million home in NJ is..

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  • How to Get Rich and Famous like Celebrities Quickly

    Get to Rock in Rio with a bunch of tickets and make a performance that leaves the audience salivating? Or go to Madison Square Garden and leave them stunned? Or act in Steven Spielberg’s stunning new film? Or, somewhat less glamorous, to participate in the largest merger of companies in the world? Fame has different faces, and yet each one…

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  • Amanda Palmer to Release Her Album There Will Be No Intermission on March 8

    It is not a coincidence that Amanda Palmer will release her solo album There Will Be No Intermission on March 8, 2019, which is International Women’s Day. It’s not a surprise that the content of the album is all about the issues that women are subjected to, and which Amanda Palmer has reiterated that they are based on personal experiences…

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  • Taylor Swift Net Worth from Endorsements, Album Sales, Tours 

    Taylor Swift the Country music sensation is not only a music icon but a rich b*tch. The 23 year old releases hit after hit with 75 million albums sold and..

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  • Photo of You Won’t Believe the Net Worth of These Celebrities

    You Won’t Believe the Net Worth of These Celebrities

    Some celebrities are so rich that they can buy islands, but some have even less money than regular people. You won’t believe how much money some celebrities have and you also won’t believe that some of them are on the edge of existence. 1. Nicolas Cage has a net worth of $25 million. He is known for spending too much…

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  • Photo of Beautiful Celebrities Who Aged Terribly

    Beautiful Celebrities Who Aged Terribly

    You can build your career on good looks, but, eventually, that’s going to fade away, which is exactly what happened to so many celebrities. Some of them managed to cover up their age, but some were not that good at it. Take a look at these celebs who aged horribly.

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  • Photo of Wiz Khalifa Net Worth

    Wiz Khalifa Net Worth

    Real Name: Cameron Jibril Tomaz Birthday: September 8, 1987 Birthplace: Minot, North Dakota Net Worth: $45 Million Fiance: Amber Rose(m. 2013–2016) Son: Bash Height: 6’4 Weight: 185.2 lbs Twitter:@WizKhalifa Weed smoking skinny denim wearing Wiz Khalifa has come along ways in just a few years. From failing to chart as an independent artist to engaged to the most wanted female…

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  • Who is Malik Williams?

    Who is Malik Williams? 4 Things You Didn’t Know 1. Malik Williams’ net worth is estimated at $200K. The “brand ambassador” was signed on to the show 2 months into filming Love and Hip Hop Miami. He rumored salary is $1,000 per episode but also in his contract is a $20,000 fee for attending the reunion special which will film…

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  • Zayn Malik Net Worth

    Zayn Malik has earned over $30 million performing in One Direction compared to Louis, Liam, Niall and Harry who have only earned $22 million each because...

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