• AR-15

    Locked and Loaded: How Often Should You Clean An AR-15 – 2024 Guide

    Armed forces, law enforcement, and civilian users often use the AR-15 as a staple firearm. The importance of proper cleaning and maintenance of your arms is a necessary stride. It is advisable for you to clean your AR-15 after a few thousand rounds have been shot through it; moreover, you also want to take good care of such a significant…

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  • Richard Matheson Net Worth 2024

    Writer of Haunted Science Fiction and Horror Richard Matheson passed away at age 87 years old. He is survived by his wife Ruth Ann Woodson and his three children. The writer was born in Allendale New Jersey by Norwegian Immigrant parents. He was raised in Brooklyn and served in World War II. His writings have become timeless classics spanning fans…

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