• Photo of Most Expensive Radio Stations

    Most Expensive Radio Stations

    On September 2, 1897, Nikola Tesla applied for a radio patent and officially received a certificate. Ever since this media has slowly entered homes and become an integral part of everyday life. Although it used to be the basic medium and source of information – today, with other electronic media it has reached its peak but struggles to keep its…

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  • Photo of How Wealthy is Ice Cube? – The Net Worth of Ice Cube

    How Wealthy is Ice Cube? – The Net Worth of Ice Cube

    Ice Cube net worth is $140 million according to Forbes and but the rapper is earning $30 million for Barbershop 3, Friday and Ride Along

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  • Photo of 8 Celebrities Who Turned Guitarists

    8 Celebrities Who Turned Guitarists

    There have been some great actors who have started a career in music after becoming famous. Many musicians and athletes have also made a run at the acting world and have been quite successful. It’s a world that allows you to cross over into other fields quite easily through the use of the Internet and social media.

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  • Photo of The Richest Country Music Stars

    The Richest Country Music Stars

    Country music has gained high popularity over the past few years. There are wide arrays of big names in the industry which have earned a high reputation and have been able to secure themselves financially. With their immense popularity, they have also topped the payroll. Here is a list of the richest country music stars who rule the heart of…

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  • Top 5 Smartest Musicians

    Writing college essays about music is not easy because most of the information available paints musicians in negative light. For most music lovers, listening to good music is enough without even knowing the background of the artists. It is an attitude that emanates from the misconception that music making is a natural talent and the artists are thus not smarter…

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  • Celebrity Number Plates

    1. 100 VJ Football star and actor, Vinnie Jones was lucky enough to snap up this rare plate. His wife, Tanya is the proud owner of the 99 TJ. The soccer legend is quoted as saying that an old man once stopped him on the street claiming to have owned the VJ 100 plate in 1939. Jones is proud to…

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  • How Much is Kiyanne Worth or Paid on Love and Hip Hop

    Kiyanne is the newest edition to the long running reality series. Now in it’s 8th season the show continues to get high ratings every Monday night. According to sources Kiyanne was paid $5,000 per episode.

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  • 6 Self-taught Musicians Who Became Top-world Celebrities

    Music is something that every person can relate to. Many young kids dream of becoming world known rock stars when they grow up, but some are not sure that they will be able to pull off that hard professional training.

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  • 2 Chainz Net Worth 2019

    2 Chainz sold more albums than Lil Wayne in 2013 according to RIAA. He earned $6 million from album sales and royalties.

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  • Photo of Juelz Santana Net Worth in 2019

    Juelz Santana Net Worth in 2019

    Harlem rapper Juelz Santana was the youngest member of the iconic rap group the Diplomats. At only 18 years old he was introduced to the game by Cam'ron...

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