Tattoo artist

  • Quani Net Worth 2024

    It’s no surprise one of the biggest beefs in the Black Ink Crew series is between two former best friends Puma and Ceasar. Since the show began filming in Harlem it has been nothing but pure entertainment. At the center of this is their partners Dutchess and Quani. Both have been caught in between their feud and unfortunately has also…

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  • Donna Marie of Black Ink Crew Net Worth 2024

    Birthplace: Cleveland Ohio Net worth: $25,000 Donna is the sexiest star on the reality series and at the center of so much drama, including the lesbian affair with Dutchess. But Donna’s tattoos show a more serious side. Even though some she regrets and some have really silly stories attached to them she wouldn’t change any of them. Donna got her…

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