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  • 8 Richest Reality TV Stars in 2020

    Nowadays, there are thousands of reality TV shows, but only some of them get to be popular all around the world. The people who appear in these shows are usually catapulted into fame, and every person on Earth knows about them. Well, money usually goes hand in hand with fame, and these stars have made millions.

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  • Photo of 7 Wealthiest TV Anchors

    7 Wealthiest TV Anchors

    Most TV shows wouldn’t be what they are today without their professional TV anchors, which is why we decided to dedicate this article to some of the most popular and wealthy ones that we know of. Watching TV wouldn’t be the same without these masters of entertainment, and although their job doesn’t seem like much at first, there’s a lot…

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  • Photo of 8 TV Shows We Might Not See in 2020

    8 TV Shows We Might Not See in 2020

    One can easily and roughly predict the downfall of traditional TV after seeing so many digital distractions today like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat, but that is not true. Watching TV shows is still on the rise and is counted as just another digital distraction, thanks to the digital evolution and incorporation of internet in media departments. Click here to…

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