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No Tomorrow Season 2 – Review and Release Date 2024

After an amazing first season with 13 episodes, the audience will undoubtedly be hungry for more with No Tomorrow season 2! If you are here to know about what awaits in season two you are reading the right article.

This very interesting rom-com had its audience glued to the screen. The first season which came out in 2016, surely made some noise and was right up there for most of the critics.


No Tomorrow has a very simple plot about a woman who lives in Seattle and falls for a free-spirited man. He believes that there will be an apocalypse soon and they should do everything that they ever wanted to do in life.

The pair makes a checklist of whatever they want to do before the end and starts completing the bucket list. The plot also features other interesting characters and many small events and incidents which give the audience a good laugh.

While completing the bucket list the girl along with her friends also tries to figure out regarding the apocalypse whether or not he can be taken seriously. Along with all the fun and laughter, a romantic story walks along making the series a beautiful combination of love and laughter.



A great set of actors make up the No Tomorrow team. Tori Anderson played the role of Evie Covington, the lead character who works as a middle manager in a supply warehouse and lives a boring corporate life.

Then came Xavier Holliday who is a free-spirited man and also believes in living life well. The interesting happy-go-lucky character was played by Joshua Sasse and undoubtedly did a great job.

Other important characters were Hank Barkley, Evie’s co-worker who is simple and very cheerful, and Kareema who is just opposite to Hank, grumpy and cynical. Hank was played by Jonathan Langdon and Kareema by Sarayu Blue.

Jesse Rath who played the role of Timothy Finger, Evie’s former boyfriend, and Amy Pietz as Deirdre Hackmeyer, Evie’s boss both brought out the characters exactly how it should be.


With an IMDb rating of 7.3 and a Rotten Tomato score of over 90%, the numbers themselves talk for the series. Many critics had even considered it to be one of the best shows of the year.

When will the next season be released?

 Although this 2016-17 rom-com had a great run, it sadly ended with the first season. Later, in 2017 CW announced the cancellation of the second season. So as of now we can just stay positive like Xavier in the series and hope that this lovely show will be back in the future, with better and more interesting stories.

Final Words

The series showed us how to enjoy life and has touched people’s hearts with its humor, lightness, love, and craziness. Those who have already watched No Tomorrow can always watch it again and for the ones who are yet to watch, start right away and you will not regret it! A good laugh is just a few clicks away!

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