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Little Witch Academia Season 3 – Release Date and Review 2024

This show about determined witches serves as a good source of entertainment to many and everyone is eagerly awaiting the release of season 3. Read on to sneak a peek into the storyline and some expectations from the show.

A Peek Into The Storyline


At the prestigious Luna Nova Magical Academy, ambitious girls are trained and turned into strong witches. The academy does not only train girls of magical backgrounds but trains girls of non-magical backgrounds as well.

One such girl is Akko Kagari, who gets herself enrolled in the academy, following the footsteps of her inspiration, Shiny Chariot. Nevertheless, the learning at the magical academy is a struggle for her as she holds quite a simple background.

Akko works hard to show the entire world how wonderful magic can be while the academy struggles to continue its existence, which is threatened due to the beliefs of the public. An effort to reinstate the magical flow is made.

This journey is what we get to witness in the TV show as Akko, alongside her friends and roommates, experiences magical adventures.

Casting Choices We Can Expect


The casting choices we can expect in season 3 of Little Witch Academia:

Atsuko “Akko” Kagari, voiced by Franciska Friede.

The protagonist will make a return in season 3 with her charming personality. She is more commonly known by her nickname, “Akko”. She follows in the footsteps of her inspiration, Shiny Chariot, and sees the beauty in magic.

Professor Ursula, voiced by Alexis Nichols.

The famous stage name, Shiny Chariot belongs to the passionate Ursula Callists. She is Akko’s idol as a witch and teaches Magic Astrology at the academy.

Lotte Jansson, voiced by Stephenie Sheh.

Lotte is one of Akko’s roommates. She is a calm and timid witch from Finland.
Lotte is voiced by Orikasa in the Japanese version and is spelled ‘Lotte Yanson’.

Sucy Manbavaran, voiced by Michiyo Murase.

Sucy is a Southeast Asian witch, who is one of Akko’s friends and roommates.

When Can We Expect The Release

The release of season 3 can be expected between 2024 and 2024 as it has been delayed due to the COVID pandemic. There is an official trailer of season 3 which gives us an idea of what to expect.

Things You May Want To Know About Little Witch Academia


One of the most interesting facts of the show is the meaning of Sucy Manbarvaran’s name. Sucy literally means “witch”, whereas Manbavaran translates to “a place to hex”.

Another interesting fact is regarding the emotional noises Constanze uses to converse. The reason she converses this way is because of an illness that caused her to lose her voice, during healing. While this is not mentioned in the series, it was revealed on AnimeNEXT. It was later revised to look like a simple joke by the mechanical genius.

Summing It Up/Final Words

Little Witch Academia has given us all positive hope in the form of an escape from reality and in the belief that magic can lead to wondrous things. We have all found our treasure. So, we shall wait patiently for the release of season 3 of these magical adventures.

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