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Is Watching a TV Show Better Than Watching a Movie?

Nowadays, television has become a top source of entertainment, and cable providers go the extra mile to ensure that we get all the exciting networks and channels on our lineup. Check this link to see an exceptional example of diverse programming on cable. Such a large assortment of entertainment options also leaves some of us utterly confused. Faced with a battle between TV shows and movies.

Television and cinema stand on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Both have their unique edges and points of attraction. It is a tough call, indeed. Which one should we go for and why? Here’s a quick walkthrough of both cases, so you can decide whether watching a TV show is better than watching a movie or vice versa.

The Case for Movies


It’s hard to beat the glamor of the tinsel town. Hollywood blockbusters capture the attention of viewers unlike anything else. The cinematic wonders carry a thrill of their own. Here are the top reasons why watching movies may be better than watching TV shows:


For people who are always on a tight schedule, movies are an ideal means of catharsis. Since the runtime of an average movie is 90 minutes or so, you can easily squeeze a title between your tasks and relieve some of that built-up stress. Depending on what you’re craving, you can watch a romantic comedy, a timeless classic, or a horror number to refresh your spirit from inside out, so when you do dive back into work, you’re feeling on top of the world, courtesy of that adrenaline rush. Therefore, movies are time-saving and best for people, who have got too much on their hands and multitask frequently.

Shared Experience


Movies are meant to be watched together. Whether you head to the nearest theatre with your friends or invite your pals over for a sleepover, you can indulge in a shared experience over a movie that brings you all closer. The social chitchat, rants, and questions like, “which character did you hate?”, “which plot twist made you the most nervous?” and “why did they end it on that note?” give life to the movie and make it more memorable. As movies are time-saving, you can convince your friends and family to take an hour or so out of their busy lives and come over for a quality bonding over chips and dips.


Everyone hates ads. They are intrusive and unnecessary. Primetime television is riddled with commercials, but not movies. Yes, if you’re streaming a movie online, or have downloaded it on your device, or even rented it from a DVD store in your area (if you’re old school), you won’t have to bear ad interruptions. A movie runs non-stop, except for the intermission delay (if you’re watching it in a theatre).

Regardless, there are no commercials in a movie that may ruin your immersive experience, and leave you frustrated and perplexed. A movie does not waste your time. Instead, it promises a consistent ride into the world of fantasy and imagination, from which you emerge brighter, lighter, and happier.

The Case for TV Shows


Mainstream cinema may appeal to a major chunk of viewership, but television is not far behind. This is the golden age of TV, evident by the hundreds of A-list celebrities and big production houses, which invest in sitcoms, series, and programs, and reap the amazing fruits of their labor. Here are the top reasons why you should watch TV shows instead of movies:


TV writers and creators have a lot of free ground to play around in and they take 100% advantage of it. They throw in multiple plots, multiple characters, multiple universes, multiple themes, and multiple perspectives throughout the episodes and the audience never gets tired of it. Take Game of Thrones, for example. This epic drama weaves in supernatural elements, historical play, murder, mystery, betrayal, and power, justice, coming of age tale, army drama, snow, sand, and fire altogether, and the fans drink in each moment with wide-eyed wonder. Still, the series has a cult following. So, TV shows give you more to get hooked on and feel satisfied by, instead of leaving you wanting.

Character Growth


TV shows trigger relatability in viewers. The longer the seasons are and the higher the episode count, the more you feel like you grow up with the characters and the more relatable they become for you. Throughout the seven seasons of the sci-fi show, The 100, we see the characters undergoing some of the severest trials and dilemmas, and becoming more human as a result, rather than falling into a flat good or evil category. Octavia has the longest journey on the road, starting as an illegal second child living under the floor, growing into a warrior princess and a bloody dictator in the bunker, and ultimately, experiencing the best arc by saving the human race.

So, when you watch TV shows and invest your time in them, they help you exhibit monumental character growth and gratify you more holistically by the end.

Breathing Space

Watching a TV show the “traditional” way, i.e. via scheduled airing on your cable TV, gives you time to deliberate on the plot development, think deeply about the motifs, and anticipate the next moves of the characters, so when you do sit down to watch the next episode, you feel a rush of electrifying excitement. This is the breathing space we all need between the episodes. A breathing space makes sure that the viewers don’t get overwhelmed by one-action-on-top-of-the-other, but have the time to process the information and appreciate the subtle nuances of the plot.

The Final Verdict

So, are you team movie or team TV? You don’t have to pick just one. Yes, you can watch a movie when you are on a tight schedule, when you have friends over, or when you’re feeling too grumpy about ads. Whereas, you can also watch a TV show when time is on your side, when you’d like to experience character depth, and when you’d wish to contemplate the TV show and learn something about life in general.

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