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8 Ultimate Feel-Good TV Shows to Watch Right Now

Often, we are feeling drained, because of a hectic day at work or we’re missing our loved ones far away. We do not even know what is upsetting us but we feel low and lonely. There is multiple stuff we are dealing with in life on different fronts that gets us feeling depressed, and it is pretty normal. We all go through it. What can get our mood and energy back on track is a good TV show. It works as an antidote for fixing our blues and distracting our minds for the best. Watching one of those feel-good shows makes you forget about your worries in life and takes you to your desired adventure-land where the impossible is possible. We can get our minds distracted by solving a crime, fighting aliens, laughing our heads off while watching our favorite sitcoms, being mesmerized by an adorable romantic show, or going on a time travel back to the renaissance times or ottoman empires – it’s our call as per our moods.

Of course, you will need a reliable cable TV plan to have access to all your favorite shows. If you are on the verge of finding one, then do check this link to get all the exciting cable TV plans listed in one place with every bit of information you can ask for. Or, you might already have a subscription to any of your favorite streaming services. Depends on your unique circumstances. Well, if you feel it is hard to search for shows that can brighten your mind, we have it all covered for you. So, here we are, presenting you with the most tempting list of the ultimate-happy TV shows you can watch right now to lift your moods, spirits and blow your minds away! Excited? You better be, because this is a must-watch list you just cannot miss. Dive in and be enlightened with the finest TV shows that are going to stay in your head for a long time!

1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This show gives you instant fits of laughter without a doubt. Probably the coolest bunch of American cops chilling around while fighting the bad guys, with Jake Peralta, Amy Santiago, Rosa Diaz, Gina Linetti, Raymond Holt, Terry Jeffords, and others giving the viewers a laughter-filled roll on the floor with their humor packed one-liners and exciting plots.

2. Bob’s Burgers

This is a perfect comedy, especially for those who are fond of animated series. It stars the Belchers, who own a burger shop with weirdos all around. The quirky comedy of the show gets you hooked to it instantly and smartly highlights the class divides and how a family is always there to support each other no matter what the circumstances. This show will give you bellyaching laughter with its unique humor consistently for ten seasons. Bob’s Burgers is the perfect blend of sweet and hilarious and gives you a punch of heartfelt emotions and positivity. It speaks of family love and support of each other’s passion.

3. Derry Girls

Based on a humor-packed story of four teenage girls who attend an All-Girls Catholic School, the show gives you all the laughter and fun of how four mouthy girls and a guy make their way through the troubles. This is probably the most-watched show in Northern Ireland and for all the right reasons.

4. Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation is another one of those outstanding shows that should be on your watch list. Season 2 took off even better than season 1 and the hilarious comedy has been spot on. You will surely fall in love with the characters, particularly the main character, Lesley Knope, who might let you restore your faith in humanity and move you with her utmost determination.

5. Younger

This is probably one of the most binge-able shows not to be missed at all since Younger gives you a perfect punch of fun and full-on entertainment. It is an interesting story about a woman in her forties who loses everything in her divorce and pretends to be twenty-six to get a job. Soon this lie starts affecting every area of her life and she falls in love with an attractive guy in his twenties. It is a light-hearted and easy-breezy show to watch and have a good time.

6. The Good Place

Mike Schur’s comedy begins with a group of strangers who go through unpredictable twists and share an exciting trajectory. The Good Place offers the perfect balance of humor and all other emotions. It also addresses questions we all have in our heads, like what it takes to be a good person. Something, which is particularly admirable about this show, is the fact that it delivers the message of self-improvement and good-doings. By doing good, you can change people’s lives and turn the whole world into a better place.

7. Schitt’s Creek

This outstandingly joyful and humor-packed Canadian story sets off with the wealthy Rose family losing everything because of a fraudulent business manager. The real twist begins when they have to go and live in the small town bought by the father as part of a prank for his son. The story transcends as the family starts living and accepting their new lives and finally falling in love with the new place.

8. The Office

Just as you can never get enough of the bliss and joy of the popular TV show, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, from the nineties, The Office is one of the shows from the 2000s that can set your groove. Undoubtedly, one of the best seasons of TV comedy, the show has an interesting flavor of compassion apart from humor and fun. The show has a lot of good vibes that we all need at times.

Wrapping Up

The aforementioned shows are surely a treat for the eye and the mind. You cannot help but fall in love with the funny yet inspiring characters that bring wide smiles to your face. There are plenty more too, but the afore-mentioned gems can be the perfect ones for some bellyaching laughter, especially when we need them the most. Happy watching!

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