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8 TV Shows We Might Not See in 2024

One can easily and roughly predict the downfall of traditional TV after seeing so many digital distractions today like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat, but that is not true. Watching TV shows is still on the rise and is counted as just another digital distraction, thanks to the digital evolution and incorporation of internet in media departments. Click here to learn more about the best internet packages. 

As reported and mentioned by New York Times, more than 455 TV shows were broadcast in 2016, which is almost double the amount of what we had in 2012 where there were 288  TV shows and way too much count than 15 years ago when we had 182 TV shows. Till 2017, 487 original scripted programs aired on TV screens. 

The top leading online entertainment service in the world, Netflix, now has 137 million memberships from 190 countries and announced to spend $7 to $8 billion on the original content in 2018. Netflix premiered “House of Cards” back in 2013, when they were distributing 24 original programs only. In 2017, that number shot up to 117 and they closed the year 2018 with 700 original content series.

This article is for all the TV shows lovers predominantly those who are fond of following TV series and wait for next year’s release date. A bit sad for some as it is going to be a compilation of all the TV shows that you won’t see in 2024 again. So, let’s get started. 

  1. Jane the Virgin
    Status: Ending

    A comedy show with a great narration that keeps the audience engaged, Jane the Virgin is full of twists and turns beyond one’s imagination. The show is, unfortunately, ending with its fifth season. The very talented Gina (Jane) will be terribly missed!

  1. Madam Secretary
    Status: Might be Ending

    This show gave CW very high hopes because of which CW ended up investing in it. Whilst there’s no doubt that it is earning high awards and nominations, the show has lost its charm and many believe that the show will now be coming to an end.

    3. You’re the Worst
    Status: Ending

    You’re the Worst is a good show to give young adults a much-needed reality check and with a 100% rating on rotten tomatoes with its latest episodes, YTW is going pretty strong. The producers believe that this is all of the reality that the audience will be able to handle and hence, the show is coming to an end.

    4. God Friended Me
    Status: Might be Ending

    Unique shows always have a high probability of not making it to the viewer’s favorite list. They are either loved or criticized and unfortunately, God Friended Me falls into the latter list. CW howsoever has signed it up for another season due this October and we can’t help thinking that it might be its last.

    5. Homeland
    Status: Ending

    Back in 2010, Homeland surprised the show industry with its story, plot, acting and basically everything a good show requires to earn success. Soon after, the ratings fell because people found it hard to believe the plot after season three. Despite the negative views, Homeland managed to continue for five more seasons and now, it’s the eighth season will mark its last.

    6. The Alec Baldwin Show
    Status: Might be Ending

    Low on cost and budget, nighttime shows have become a thing. Most of them, howsoever, gave failed to grasp the viewer’s attention. The Alec Baldwin Show doesn’t seem very promising and we suspect that it could be ending soon.

    7. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
    Status: Ending

    A sitcom and a musical, this show is an originally unique one. With an interesting plot, great actors living the characters, the fourth season of a crazy ex-girlfriend has been announced as its last one. A shocker to many fans, Rachel Bloom’s remarkable performance in the show will be missed.

    8. The Punisher
    Status: Might be Ending

    Just like Daredevil and Jessica Jones, it is highly likely that Marvel’s The Punisher will be ending soon. After all, Disney’s launching date is somewhere at the end of 2019.


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