• Tech

    10 Reasons Why We Should Need to Prevent an Information Breach Issue – 2024 Guide

    Confidential information may be sold for a hefty price on the dark web. Cybercriminals can anonymously purchase credit card numbers and names to nefarious ends. Security breaches can cost companies vast amounts of money—on average close to $4 million for major corporations. This article will outline the ten reasons we need to prevent information breaches. 1. Prevent Criminal Activity The…

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  • Life Style

    10 Basic New Age Deceptions

    1. Ignore the “Negative” The notion that you make things worse by focusing on negative issues is false. Ignoring negative issues, like ignoring symptoms of an illness, only serves to make the issues worse. Refusing to look at critical information, just because it makes you uncomfortable, is willfully choosing a state of ignorance—to remain un-conscious. Correction: Seeing the negativity for…

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