Jessica Alba

  • Actor

    8 Richest Actors And Actresses in The World 2024

    Did you know that some of the most popular actors and actresses in the movie industry have a wealth that is higher than half a billion dollars? Yup, that shocked me as well when I first read it. After all, we are all aware of the fact that most Hollywood and Bollywood stars are filthy rich, but, do you really…

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  • Style

    Silver Skull Jewelry: Celebrities That Wear Them in 2024

    Skull jewelry has been on the jewelry market for many years, and it has been appearing in both men’s and women’s fashion choices. Quite often, it has been connected to rockstars and bikers, but is it a good choice for women as well? There are a lot of male celebrities like Johnny Depp, Steve McQueen, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Ryan…

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