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  • Gambling

    DraftKings Stock Haircut Could Give Way to Buying Opportunity

    DraftKings first made significant headlines a few years back over the controversy on whether its contests qualified as a form of gambling. In April 2024, the company swung back to headlines with news that it was going public after completing a $3.3 billion merger that combined it with Diamond Eagle. After a year of being listed on the New York…

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  • Science

    Amazing UFO Sighting Filmed Over New Jersey

    According to eyewitness and video taper testimony, “this object was recorded outside my attic window on November 08, 2014, over New Jersey, USA. Related: Team of Scientists Releases Video of UFOs over Brown Mountain, North Carolina With the naked eye, I saw what looks like a green orb flashing a brighter red light that radiated outward, pulsing if you will… very…

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