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    Iran to Dump US Dollar in Oil Trade, Settle in Euro Instead

    Iran wants post-sanctions’ oil contracts denominated in dollars and have buyers pay in euros, Reuters reported. Tehran is also keen to receive money owed to it since the pre-sanctions days in the European currency. The country’s crude deliveries are to be restored soon, with companies such as the French giant Total, Spanish refiner Cepsa and Litasco and the trading arm…

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    The Rockefeller/Rothschild Energy Cartel: Speculators, Cartels & Myth of Scarcity

    While governments around the world are told to “tighten their belts”, economies contract and the myth of scarcity (root word: scare) encourages a race to the bottom for the global masses. Alongside these calls for austerity, a historical concentration of power continues among the well-fed and fueled global elite. The Rockefeller/Rothschild energy cartel and tax-dodger oil traders in Zug, Switzerland…

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