• Law

    The Legal Side of Uber Car Accidents: Key Tips for Seeking Compensation

    Uber, like ride-sharing applications, has made traveling within the city simple and convenient for everyone. But unfortunately, the accident risk is always there. Before you get into such a situation, you must be prepared for it. You must understand the legal side of Uber accidents and further formalities to obtain compensation. You can maximize the compensation only when you take…

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  • Business

    What is a Severance Package?

    A severance package is a sum of money an employer provides to an employee who leaves their job. The amount and type of compensation vary according to the length of service, position, and employer. Severance packages are often used if an employee resigns from their job. If you have been asked to leave your job, you may be entitled to…

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  • House

    How does a Rent-to-Own Home Process Work in Ohio – 2024 Guide

    Have you ever heard of the rent-to-own home process? If you are not interested in a mortgage you can still try out the rent-to-own system to get homeownership in a non-traditional way, but to make your way of living convenient and practical for yourself your loved ones. Also, it is an affordable solution that will help anyone with their finances…

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  • World

    What is a Grassroots Movement?

    In today’s world of global resentment, racial profiling, and police brutality, you can hear the term “grassroots movement” almost daily. Grassroots movements usually try to bring public attention to a particular issue. Some are successful; others are not. Have you ever wondered what a grassroots movement is? How does it work? Does it even work at all? Today, we are…

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  • News

    8 Signs That The Global Elite’s Ship Is Sinking

    The last few weeks of 2016 has brought with it some dramatic and tangible events that the political and banking elite are scrambling to try and reverse the changes that have been happening. 21. December 10th, 2016: U.S. House Representative from Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard introduces a bill that aims to stop the U.S. government from funding and aiding terrorist groups…

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  • Uncategorized

    What was Syria Like Before the War? A Conversation with Mother Agnes Mariam

      Mike Robinson speaks to Mother Agnes Mariam about the situation in Syria, the media coverage of it and both the political peace process and her own Reconciliation Initiative.

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