Sexual Assault

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    Fact or Fiction? – Debunking Sexual Assault Myths

    Sexual assault, an umbrella term encompassing a range of unwanted sexual acts from forced physical contact to rape, remains a distressingly prevalent issue in societies worldwide. In numerous cultures, misunderstandings about the nature of these offenses and their aftermath persist, leading to misconceptions that can deepen the trauma experienced by survivors and hinder their pursuit of justice. The legal process…

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    Sexual Assault: What Is It and What to Do If Charged With Sexual Assault

    Sexual assault is any non-consensual sexual activity. This can include rape, attempted rape, sexual harassment, and unwanted touching. This is a crime that can have a negative impact on the survivor’s life for years to come. It can also have long-term physical consequences. Knowing what sexual assault is is important because it helps you understand the situation in case you…

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