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Aldon Smith Net Worth 2024

31 year old Aldon Smith is an Outside linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers. He helped the team get to the Superbowl in 2013. But recently his behavior has been less than that of an all star athlete. Aldon was released from jail on suspicion of DUI and marijuana. He was involved in a car accident in San Jose California September 20. Unfortunately this is not the first in a series of mishaps. Aldon was involved in a stabbing at a house party he was throwing in San Jose in 2012. He was also arrested before in 2012 in Miami Beach on DUI charges. Surprisngly he stated in college after the NFL he would love to wokr for the Drug Enforcement Agency. Oh God are you kidding me? NO!

He was chosen 7th overall in the 2011 NFL Draft. Aldon Smith signed a four year contract in 2011 worth $14.3 million. He was given an $8.9 million sign on bonus plus his entire contract is guaranteed. His net worth in 2013 is $10 million.


Aldon is not married or engaged but he does have a girlfriend who he escorted to the Espy awards this past summer. She is still nameless but she is of Hispanic descent. Another tidbit about him is he has an S-Curl in his hair if anyone is wondering why it looks so funny. It’s the same thing rappers 50 Cent and JaRule sported but looked like complete fools. It needs to be washed out.

Smith was born in Greenwood Mississippi. Since playing sports in high school he was considered an outstanding athlete. He chose to go to University of Missouri but chose to forgo his last two years of college in pursuit of an NFL career. Outside of sports he is musically gifted. He plays the acoustic guitar but play percussion in his high school marching band and concert band. He also sings. His father Thurston Smith says he sang in the church choir. His parents Thurston and Kembrya had divorced when Aldon was 14 years old. His mother took full custody and his father moved out. Aldon and his little sister Rhia lived with their mother in Atlanta and while his father lived outside Kansas City in Raytown. As a result he struggled academically in school although he was an outstanding baseball and football player. His mother insisted he live with his father to go to a better school with higher academic standards.

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