6 Best Apps for Making Marketing Videos for Your Business in 2024

Text is not always an ideal way to present a product or service your business offers, to introduce the general public to your own brand, or to simply share your knowledge and experience with followers on a particular topic. On the other hand, videos are sometimes a great way to show all the benefits of a product, demonstrate how it works, as well as post tutorials and various educational roles.

Especially since video viewing accounts for a third of Internet users’ online activities. So, in addition to content marketing in the form of blogs, video content is a very good way to improve your marketing strategy. Creating video content on your own that will be interesting and professionally done is not so easy, but there are pretty good applications online.

Also, online users prefer video ads over text ads, and more often decide to buy the product for which they viewed the video ad. This is especially reflected in advertising on social networks. To simulate a video presentation of the organization, instructions on how to use a particular product, or a video ad, you can use online programs with which you can create professional videos.

Here is a list of the best apps for making marketing videos for your business.

1. Vidnami

If you’re still not experienced enough to handle complicated software, and you have no time to attend online courses on how to best optimize your marketing videos, then Vidnami is your tool.

It’s probably the fastest video editing tool available at the moment. As you already know, creative work requires a vision and an idea, which you don’t necessarily have to have every day. This software will save you time by for example doing the automatic transcription of your video and adding captions, which you can edit further if you like. Personalizing video content will never be easier since it’s based on the drag and drop principle. The software comes with a wide selection of music for your background, which can also be suggested by the program itself since it uses artificial intelligence. Forget searching for appropriate music, Vidnami does all of this for you.

2. Lightworks

This software is also responsible for editing movie hits, such as “The Wolf of Wall Street”, so it should be enough for you. As it is the case with all the good software solutions, there is a free and paid version, and you are limited to a resolution of 720p. There are no pre-made templates you can use here, but it does provide a lot of professional impressions and precise editing. This tool is more geared towards professional use, so if you put a little effort into it you can do many things that other free programs do not offer as an option. In any case, if you have time for studying a little bit, this program will work wonders.

3. Clipchamp

Clipchamp makes it very easy for users to add and create videos. This program allows you to cut and combine different parts of a video, as well as add audio and music. You can also add captions, various filters, and video effects. It also has a large number of photos that you can use in making videos.

4. Hitfilm express

As other programs we’ve mentioned, this one also offers a free trial and is available for purchase if you want to use the full version and everything that comes with it. Although, it is important to point out that the trial version offers enough options for start. The best thing about this application is that you can choose which additional option you want to buy. No need to buy the complete version, simply add what you need at a particular moment. There’s a standard view, always available for editing and it offers a few simple special effects.

It is often described as a perfect tool for beginners and is a good start if you want to advance towards a more skillful marketing video editor. Its website offers a great source of learning material about the program, but you are able to learn more skills about film editing in general.

5. Davinci Resolve Lite

For correcting colors, this tool has been used by many professionals. It’s important to say at the beginning that the full version you pay for, doesn’t offer many more options than the free one. At least not for the basic needs. However, professional marketers often review it as one of the most useful free tools for editing, even though it takes some time to learn how to handle all its functions. After you do, you will find it extremely useful. It aims to save time you would normally spend working on difficult projects that require more time. Comparing to other free tools, this one offers more formats and codecs.

6. VideoPad

Advanced users may think of this app as too basic, but if you’re a first-time user, it would provide just enough options to create a decent video for promoting your business. For those who find it complicated to use, the website offers enough video learning material, that will get you going. The effects available for video editing are fair. The sound effects could be a bit richer, but when it comes to video effects, the choices it offers are more than enough. However, there is one flaw in the program. You can download it for free, but to export your project you will need to buy a key.

All in all, there are more than enough apps available all over the internet that can make your marketing videos creative and fun. Whichever you choose, will bring results. You don’t even have to limit yourself to only one, use multiple and combine the features they offer. Videos are a very powerful tool that will provoke your clientele to start using your services or buy your products.

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