How a B2B Call Center Can Help You Get in Front of C-Level Executives – 2024 Guide

Getting more customers is the top priority for any business. Internet users can be compared to wanderers walking around the corners of this virtual world. And the goal of your business is to give these wanderers something that will interest them.

Everyone wants to reach the highest level. In terms of scheduling meetings, for example, in a b2b call center, this means an opportunity to move away from decision-makers and start engaging senior leaders. The CEO, CFO, CIO can accelerate your company’s growth if you find the right rhythm and words.

You have a long way to go before you reach the top. During this period, you will learn a lot and allocate a lot for yourself. In this article, we will explain what lead generation is, how to prepare for contact with C-Level Executives, and further actions.

Lead Generation: What It Is and How It Works


Lead generation is the acquisition of contact details of potential customers at their request. Lead generation is also a marketing approach that relies on the formation of a target audience (target audience) base.

Each person who left their contact information, booked a call or left an item in the cart is a lead. The sales department will be working with this database. It is this approach that helps weed out inappropriate people, reduce costs and increase conversions at different stages of the sales funnel.

Its important advantage is the ability to calculate the return on investment. Advertising and marketing costs are no longer a black hole in the budget, but become a meaningful investment in the development of the company.

Lead generator services are needed by companies that are focused on direct selling (both in the B2B and B2C sectors), need to increase their profits, and seek to optimize their business processes.

To survive in the marketplace, a company must continually generate leads. Even with a serious salesforce looking for leads on Facebook or LinkedIn day and night, business development takes a lot of time and effort. Previously, customers themselves turned to sellers to find out more about the goods or services they were interested in. However, now everything is different.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of small businesses continue to ignore the benefits of lead generation or fail to manage the effectiveness of their sales funnel. This leads to an underestimation of the marketing strategy, as entrepreneurs do not fully understand what factors lead to the conversion of visitors to buyers.

A b2b call center or companies with b2b lead generation software are very helpful in this. Buying sales leads will make your work and the work of your employees a lot easier.

C-Suite Steps to Go Through


C-Level executives are the “top officials of the company”, top managers: members of the board of directors, and those who report directly to them. In different companies, these positions may be called differently, but they all bear personal responsibility for the implementation of the company’s strategy, head a certain function or business unit. For example, CEO (Chief Executive Officer), CFO (Chief Financial Officer), CTO (Chief Technical Officer), Partner, VP of Human Resources, Director of Logistics, etc.

Summit scheduling takes even more effort and time. Sometimes it’s difficult. Many companies have built their experiences through trial and error, dialogue and research. But difficult does not mean impossible.

Identify the right decision-maker

In some organizations, the CEO makes all the final decisions. But there are companies where everything is different. So don’t start acting without information. Sometimes you may need another C-level executive like CSO, CIO, or other. To be sure, you should create an account map for the company you are targeting.

Start at the bottom

Oftentimes, senior executives have the final say in this matter. However, their opinion is influenced by the opinion of employees about the proposal. After all, good leaders listen to their teammates before making a decision. Therefore, before you start recruiting senior executives, you should contact people within the organization to see how the benefits of your service or product application fit their needs. After that, your further C-level meetings will be easier.

LinkedIn and mutual acquaintances


You don’t have to be intimidated by the need to send out emails to all employees of the company before you can attract senior executives. There is no need for that, especially when we have a convenient platform like LinkedIn. With influencer marketing, you can communicate freely and gain credibility from a variety of people. Especially after having established yourself as the expert everyone wants to work with.

CC assistant

It’s true that senior executives aren’t used to receiving emails from salespeople. When they receive a direct email with a sales pitch, they see it as an intrusion. And they are right.

Therefore, you should respect the routine of potential senior customers, act gently and carefully. For example, every senior executive has an assistant who reviews messages and suggestions and selects and approves the most valuable ones. So if you want to introduce yourself properly, first meet and support your prospect’s assistants.

Clarity and conciseness

Always keep your business proposal short. However, the step for the C-suite should be even shorter. It will be good to mention that your presentation is very short and won’t take long to hear out.

Trade features for benefits

You should remember that senior managers don’t care about functions. It doesn’t matter how your product or service works, as long as it’s profitable. This is why you need to be very convinced of the benefits your product can provide.

Make income part of the conversation


Continuing with the theme mentioned in the previous step, C-level executives care about benefits, because benefits mean income. Don’t skimp on financial details: tell your potential clients what CAC and ROI they can count on.

Let your client talk

When your summit comes to a phone call, it’s important to pause and listen to your prospect. Senior executives carry a lot on their shoulders, so with the right tone and approach, you can understand their pain points and plan your response.

Be prepared for “I’m not interested”

Senior executives are undisputed champions of objection to sales, and for good reason. Since they take responsibility for everything that happens to the company, they need to be very careful and say “No” more often than “Yes”. Your goal here is not to back down, not push, but to provide a logical rebuttal that would resolve their concerns and address their business goals.


As we mentioned earlier, senior management meetings are difficult and time-consuming. Be prepared to contact your manager at least 6 times before you can start closing a trade.

Appointment-setting companies


In addition to time and effort, summit meetings require experience. So if you’re just starting to target and attract senior executives, you’re better off joining forces with a trusted investment attraction partner to help you avoid pitfalls and close deals. Some companies develop tailor-made meeting scheduling strategies for all types of decision-makers and more.

You can also use the services of sales companies with good b2b sales experience. They will greatly simplify your life. Therefore, if you have additional questions, you can always turn to them for help. Alternatively, you can study their experience to see their appointment tactics in action.


When you begin to understand the entire lead generation ecosystem, you increase sales efficiency, reduce lead-stage waste, increase customer satisfaction, and make your business more profitable. The development of b2b business now mostly comes down to finding ways to increase sales. If you are seeking assistance in that or need more lead generation insights, contact Belkins.

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