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Guys: How You Can Be More Attractive and Sexier to Your Woman in 2024

The way to a woman’s heart is not as straightforward as most women will have you believe. As guys, we often do a double-take when our better halves wax lyrical about some dorky TV personality whose attractiveness is a mystery. They may not be much to look at or even be rich and successful, but they must have something that drives the opposite sex wild that us males are simply blind to, right?

When it comes down to it, there is no silver bullet that will make your woman more attracted to you. All women are different and will be turned on by different things. This article is not supposed to provide a formula that will make you more attractive to all women, but it does give some general rules and habits that, when adhered to, will boost your appeal in the eyes of most women. Here goes!

1. Invest in Appearance


Ever wondered how they manage to look so good all the time? Apart from their natural beauty, the truth is that they spend a fair amount on things that improve their appearance, including makeup, jewelry and clothes. Given the time, money and effort that they spend to look the way that they do, it should come as no surprise that most women like their man to look the part too.

The majority will really appreciate a man that takes time on his appearance. Working hard on your presentation, especially when it comes to dressing up for social occasions will go down well with a woman, whether you are just starting out dating or you have been together for many years.

2. Concentrate on Posture


The way that you hold yourself can have a massive impact on how people perceive you. If you have a tendency for walking hunched over with your face toward the ground, it gives the impression that you are not confident and do not believe in yourself, and this is not going to be very attractive to a woman.

They like men who are proud and upright. You do not need to have a ton of money or be uber successful – you just have to look like you stand up tall and smile. This will create an impression of openness and positivity that will make you approachable to all people, women included.

3. Stay Fit But Do Not Go For Bulk


A healthy body is the hallmark of a healthy mind. Studies have shown that women are attracted to men who take care of themselves. This means heading down to the gym or playing sports once in a while, as well as watching what you eat and cutting down on bad habits like drinking and smoking.

Be careful, however. Most like guys to be ‘built’, and have a healthy amount of toned muscle, but there is a danger of overdoing it. In surveys on male attractiveness, men with heavy muscle do not tend to come out much better than skinny guys. Look for a sweet spot to boost both your appeal to the opposite sex and your health as well.

3. Cultivate Facial Hair


Although most fashionistas will have you believe that the beard trend died a death a few years ago, research suggests otherwise. There have been numerous studies down the decades in which have shown that women are eternally attracted to a man who cultivates the right amount of stubble. In these studies, the women participants are shown images of men with no facial hair, stubble, and full-on beards, and they consistently go for men who have heavy stubble. We can only guess why this is the case, but researchers have speculated that this trend could be something to do with the way in which facial hair is seen as a sign of maturity, dominance and masculinity.

4. Get a Dog


Not only does a pet dog make a great companion, but it can also have a positive impact on how you are seen by them. Research has shown that women tend to view men with dogs more favorably than their non-dog-owning counterparts. When quizzed about this assumption, most women said they had formed it on the basis that men who have dogs are more likely to be the nurturing type who would make a good father and make long commitments.

5. Involve Her in Your Passions


It is not really that surprising that they are attracted to passionate men. If you have a passion, whether it is skydiving or stamp collecting, do not be afraid of talking about it. Women are generally interested in what their man feels strongly about, and involving them is a sure-fire way of getting her interested in you.

For most women, a man who is passionate about something is more attractive than a man with lots of money. This may be because being passionate about one thing demonstrates the capacity to be passionate about other things as well! If you do not already have a passion, you might consider making an effort to cultivate one now!

6. Be Assertive

By ‘assertive’, we do not mean ‘bossy’. There is nothing worse than a man who does not listen to the wishes and desires of his women. However, most women appreciate a man who knows what he wants or what is right and is prepared to stick his neck out to get it. Showing assertiveness exudes a confidence in oneself that bodes well for women who are looking for a man who is prepared to look out for his family in the future.

The seven tips listed above make a good basis for improving your attractiveness to your woman, but one thing that most women simply cannot resist is a man who is able to perform between the sheets. If you have trouble with satisfying your woman in bed, visit for an all-natural male enhancement solution that is guaranteed to work for all men.

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