How to Beat DUI Charges – 5 Tips to Help You

DUI means driving under the influence and is a charge that attracts a hefty punishment. Being accused of this charge can restrict your driving limit, get jailed, or have few job opportunities. Getting a DUI charge is usually draining and stressful, which explains why you need an experienced DUI lawyer.

Defending DUI charges is quite straightforward, even though different states have different rules. All police officers are trained to conduct DUI investigations, so you need a skillful lawyer to beat these charges.

Brian R Kazarian is a renowned DUI lawyer, and below we discuss how to beat this charge.

1. Crosscheck your Ticket


The first step in beating a DUI charge should be to check your ticket. All accused persons should ensure the authorities fill their tickets with the right information to beat these charges. Remember, the police can make a mistake when filling out the data, and the first thing you should do is ensure all provided information is accurate and up to date.

Mistakes in a DUI charge can be an excellent way to beat your case. Remember, the authorities will suspend your license by filling out your paperwork during a DUI charge, and you want to cross-examine them to ensure they are accurate.

2. Consult a Lawyer

DUI lawyers are easily available, and most provide free consultations. Contacting an experienced attorney is key, as it gives you faith to beat the charges. During the consultation, the lawyer will check your documents for mistakes and get you a special driving permit during your suspension.

Also, the attorney will inform you of your case’s maximum and minimum consequences during the consultation, thus making you more prepared.

3. Request for a Camera Footage

The best way to defend your DUI charge is by being prepared before you get into court. Hiring a DUI lawyer is crucial as they request camera footage from the relevant authorities, thus getting you a better sentence.

4. File a Motion for a License Retrieval


After checking the relevant laws and statutes, the next step should be to file a motion to get your license back. Generally, an accused person can fill out blank templates for their motion online or at the clerk’s office.

However, you should check the local rules before filing a motion, as different courts have different rules.

5. Discovery Motion and File Appearance

It is advisable to file an appearance before heading to court to get a lighter sentence. An appearance form informs the court about your case, and you can get it at the court or online. Besides a file appearance, accused individuals should also seek a motion for discovery.

This motion asks the jury to surrender the prosecutor’s evidence against you. Getting all evidence against you is important, as you will defend yourself better. However, it would help if you also handed the prosecutor the appearance copy and discovery motion.

Final Thoughts

Receiving a DUI charge can cause have a significant impact on your daily activities. This period is usually draining, which is why you need an experienced DUI lawyer to beat the charges.

The above article has discussed how to beat DUI charges, and more information is available online.

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