Explore The Beautiful Places Of Sikkim This Summer – 2024 Guide

Do you look for the best place to visit this summer? Want to enjoy the land of mystique? Undoubtedly, Sikkim is the great destination to visit this summer with your friends and family! It is one of the most popular mystical destinations where you can explore the beauty of nature with your loved ones. Sikkim- the amazing destination for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts!

This is the smallest state in India! But even though it might look small, the scenery offersTr an aesthetic look to the public eyes. Without a doubt, it is one of the must-visit destinations this summer! Explore the beautiful places of Sikkim on small packages. When it comes to its aesthetic magnificence, it is blessed with lovely dramatic landscapes and cuisine!

If you want to be more familiar about the beauty of the place and travel packages, get more information in the and sure you will find love to travel to Sikkim with small packages!

Why should Sikkim be your next tourist destination?


If you want to be astounded and excited with the places, then it is time to go to Sikkim! Right from hefty mountains to dazzling waterfalls, you will be loved to stay for one day! It is filled with the treasure of nature and green forests. The main reason to visit this place is Kanchenjunga- the third topmost peak ever! If you want to enjoy this summer with your loved ones or family, you should visit Sikkim and explore its beauty today! Here come some amazing reasons that will surely make you pack your travel bags towards Sikkim! Are you ready to beat the warm of the summer? Then, it is time to head towards the amazing place-Sikkim!

  • Sikkim is a popular destination for grand monasteries. Amongst others, Dubdi, Phodong, Ralang, Enchey, and more are some of the popular monasteries in the state.
  • More and more travelers and tourists love to visit this destination for its delicious and yummy cuisine. With the blast of flavors, Sikkim cuisine will trigger the taste buds of every tourist. The taste and flavors of foods will never go out of your mouth even if you leave the state.
  • It is a wonderland for those who love peace and calm. On October 28th and 29th, Sikkim celebrates its Annual Cham every year! If you visit it, don’t miss an opportunity to be a part of the Cham festival!
  • If you want to tell your love to your loved ones, undoubtedly, Sikkim is the right place since it is filled with scenic beauty. Visit it and get a majestic experience! When you visit this summer, you would definitely fall in love with the dramatic landscapes.
  • The rugged mountains have invited adventure enthusiasts to enjoy trekking and cycling. Enjoy trekking, bike riding, and jeep safaris here. If you want to enjoy river rafting, visit Sikkim and enjoy white water rafting.

If you want to enjoy a thrilling adventure activity, then it is time to visit Sikkim!

Here come popular destinations to explore in Sikkim this summer:

No one hates to admire the beauty of nature! If you are a nature lover, you need to visit Sikkim this summer. Just explore the beautiful destinations that make you reach the Sikkim destination!

  • Gangtok:


Gangtok is a place where you can find white clouds that surely allure the minds of every tourist. Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim and is filled with the most dramatic hill stations. Mt. Kanchenjunga is situated above 1650 m sea level and offers a wonderful view for the visitors. The best time to visit Gangtok is the months of March to May! Your eyes will become bigger while seeing the views of the mountains.

  • Yuksom:


Yuksom has grabbed the attention of the tourists and is located western part of the state! The village is highly renowned for its green lush. Under the mountains, tourists and adventure enthusiasts love to enjoy fire camp. There are several tourist attractions and places to visit here, and get ready to pack your bags to explore the beauty of Sikkim this summer. Additionally, the cuisine is a must-try, and sure you will fall in love with the local cuisine.

  • Tsomgo Lake:


When you are packing your bag to Sikkim, don’t forget to visit this beautiful place- Tsomgo Lake! It is situated 38km away from Gangtok! Its height is 12,400ft, and is considered one of the highest lakes in the country. During the winter season, the water is frozen. The summer paves a great way to enjoy water lakes. The dramatic views will never let you go out of the place. If you want to enjoy the views, you need to reach the destination early in the morning.

  • Pelling:


If you are enthusiastic about watching Himalayan Range, Pelling never disappoints you! When you reach this destination, you will enjoy a full view of the Himalayan Range and gain a wonderful experience! On the way, you will find a green lush that creates positive energy and make your visit even more memorable and unforgettable!

  • Ravangla:


Amidst yourself here! Ravangla is one of the most popular places to visit. The spirituals who come here love the peace and calm of the place. You will find many monks here. When you enter into the Ravangla, you will feel the positive vibration, and make you feel fresh always. On visiting the place, you will find different species of birds like verditer flycatchers, babblers, blue whistling thrush, cuckoos, and more!

Know about tour packages:

If you want to make the Sikkim trip even more memorable, choose the right tour packages that suit your budget. Choose the reputed travel sites to explore the popular destinations in Sikkim and enjoy unbeatable deals and discounts. Get ready to enjoy the best sightseeing places and perform adventurous activities with your loved ones to make a trip even more unforgettable! You will find different tour packages 5 nights 6 days, 6 nights 7 days, and more! You can enjoy different tour packages, and even you can be customized on your choice!

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