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It can be challenging to make the appropriate choice when purchasing cheap ounces in Canada. Since the legalization of marijuana, MOM (Mail Order Marijuana) services have increased in popularity. It can be challenging to identify reputable dispensaries that offer affordable ounces.

In addition, we will explain what we mean by the term “cheap ounces,” detail why you should purchase from that supplier, how much it costs, and provide a list of five marijuana alternatives that are affordable and useful and of high quality. Learn more

What Is a Budget Ounce?

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A budget ounce of marijuana is an ounce of marijuana of the same grade as a top-shelf bud but is sold for a much lower price. Ounces offered at a bargain originate from plants that are not picked from the top shelf but are still of a good grade. After that, highly skilled cultivators take care of the harvest and ensure that the plants are delivered in original form by providing that they are in perfect condition.

Why Should You Buy Cheap Ounces?

If you are a first-time user of marijuana or just want to try out a variety of strains, it is recommended that you start with a budget ounce. You can try out various options since a budget ounce may be obtained at a not too high price. If you want to purchase some marijuana to share with your friends, an eighth of an ounce is a good amount that isn’t too incredibly large to handle. You might offer your customers cheap ounces if you are hosting a party for many people.

How Much Are Budget Ounces?

When it comes to cheaper ounces of cannabis, you can expect to spend anywhere from $15 to $50 for a quantity of 60 grammes, which is equivalent to an eighth of an ounce. Because there are various considerations to consider before making an online purchase of an ounce of marijuana, we have compiled a list of the top five ounces of marijuana in Canada that are the most affordable.

5 Low-Cost, High-Quality Ounces

1. Violator

Source: cannabis.wiki

The well-known Hindu Kush and Malana strains were used in the breeding process to produce this Indica-dominant hybrid strain. The breath of the Violator tastes and smells like a potent combination of pine and earth. It features a dense spade-shaped nugs structure that is brilliant neon green overall and has amber overtones. It is covered in a thick layer of fuzzy flaming orange hairs. These chunks are coated in a thick layer of trichomes that are milky white in colour with sticky and flavorful resin. They are not only attractive but also delicious. Users have described the high they get with Violator as beginning gently with a relaxing buzz that spreads throughout the body and a sensation of euphoria.

2. Sugar Cookie

Source: cannabistraininguniversity.com

Sugar Cookie has a flavour described as sugary vanilla sweetness, while the exhalation is described as having a buttery coffee aroma. The aroma takes you by surprise; it is fruity and tropical, and as the nugs burn, you get a buttery, endearing vanilla experience. The Sugar Cookie plant produces thick, long, neon green chunks covered in fiery orange hairs and crystal trichomes amber in colour. Sugar Cookie has a high that is just as addictive as its flavour, and it has potent effects that are perfect for unwinding after a long and stressful day when sleep just would not come.

3. Space Queen

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Space Queen gives a comprehensive feeling of joy and relaxation to individuals seeking respite from daily stress and exhaustion, thanks to its haze-like qualities and immediate body buzz impact. For decades, people who smoke a lot and smoke a little have depended on this strain to deliver immediate pain relief and relaxation for their muscles. The strain is a very effective treatment for persistent stress. Three primary flavours can be obtained from this strain: earthy, citrus, and sweet. The sensations of pleasure and enthusiasm and an active and elevated mood were the effects of this strain that were recorded as occurring most often.

4. Big Buddha Cheese

Source: cannabispharmuk.com

The vast majority of the strains included in Big Buddha Cheese are Indica varieties. Although this strain is still relatively new to the cannabis industry in Canada, it is making significant progress toward mainstream attention. You may depend on the brand’s high level of quality, which has been consistently maintained throughout time. This bud is perfect for those who are just starting out. You will feel like you are on top of the world, and that feeling will stick around for a very long time. Even though Big Buddha Cheese has a lower overall potency than many other strains, it is still something you should try at least once.

5. Skywalker Kush

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There is no doubt that the creator of this particular marijuana strain is among the most well-known strains in the whole world. For the last several years, it has dispersed to every corner of the globe. The Afghani and Hindu Kush strains were crossed to produce this particular kind of cannabis. You will feel an intense high, immediately followed by a soothing feeling that will make you feel as if you are soaring over the clouds. If you have used marijuana in the past, you will have a better understanding of the advantages offered by this strain.


The explanation for why you have to invest in low-cost ounces of marijuana is simple. Marijuana is not a luxury product, and even if you just use it occasionally, you should still get the highest quality available, even if you don’t use it very often. It is in your best interest to go beyond the local “around the corner” or the internet dispensary you have convenient access to since they may not necessarily supply the highest quality product.

The list that you can see above includes some of the most trusted brands that provide reduced prices on marijuana products. You are free to choose the one that provides the most reasonable rates.

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