5 Best Portable Ice Maker for Camping 2024

People around the world are different. They have different interests and mentality. However, the common thing for all people is a passion for traveling. We would all like to go to another destination at least once a month. However, the lack of cash flow and time does not allow us to achieve that goal. Because of that, we usually decide on “mini-trips”. More precisely, we often decide on camping.

Camping truly is an activity that can relax us and recharge our batteries. However, it is crucial that you properly prepare for the activity like that. There are many things you will have to bring with yourself to ensure the best possible camping experience. One of the things that you will need is the ice maker. That especially counts if you plan to camp during summer months.

Portable ice makers are the best choice you have. Thanks to the Internet, you can find a huge number of them online. At first glance, they will all look equally good and you would not hesitate to invest your money. Yet, you need to know that some of them are better than others. Because of that, we would like to analyze the best portable ice makers for camping in this article. After reading our reviews, you will manage to invest your money in the right way.

1. Manitowoc Ice Makers


We will put a couple of models of the same brand under one subtitle. It is hard to decide on one because many of them have good features. The company itself works since 1964 and it is one of the most respected innovators in the field of ice production. Their products work on the user-friendly and labor-saving technology. You don’t need to be a genius to understand how to use all of their types of products.

Yet, there is something you should know. Their ice makers are divided into several different categories. You can find models that are making ice in different shapes and sizes. Despite that, another difference between their products is based on the type of cooling system they use. Websites like reviewed their products carefully. It is recommendable that you check the website we attached and get familiar with their products.

2. Magic Chef MCIM22ST



A couple of features of this model will probably grab your attention. First of all, we need to highlight the machine’s capacity. Believe it or not, it can produce around 27 lbs of ice per day. If you are camping with a couple of friends, then the portable ice maker like this is the best option.

Besides capacity, we need to highlight its design. The design truly is elegant and compact. We believe it can be matchable in different environments. Despite camping, you can also bring it to your office, garage, or park.
You will manage to ice cubes in two different sizes. Depending on size, the unit will need around 7 minutes to produce around 9 ice cubes.

3. Igloo Portable Ice Maker ICE103


Iglo Portable Ice Maker allows users to produce around 26 lbs per day. However, the production speed is something you will probably admire the lot. It only takes 6 minutes to produce the first batch of the ice. In other words, this model is one of the fastest you can find on the market.

Despite that, the ice basket can hold 2.2lbs which will be enough to serve a couple of friends. You can also choose between three different ice cube sizes. Those three types are small, medium, and large. As you can guess, each size of the ice cubes is suitable for different types of alcohol.

The good news is that the Iglo ice maker is lightweight. You don’t have to invest a lot of strength to carry it from one place to another. It is also important to know that the unit runs on 120w of power. Because of that, the usage of an air compressor is the only way to cool the machines.

Now imagine this little box of cool with your next camping trip. Better yet: How about some glamping? A glamorous camping trip with a glamorous lady perhaps. Along with this hottie, you will enjoy cold brews and drinks on the side. Should you be missing the person to share a tent (and cool beverages) with, you will surely find the perfect travel companion over here.

4. NewAir AI-100R Portable Ice Maker


The users of this model like to say that NewAir AI-100R is a “very portable ice machine”. The red finish of the unit gives a sleek appearance that can be matchable with different decors. However, we do understand that not many people like the red color. Because of that, you can find models in different colors such as silver, black, and cyan blue. We will let you decide on the design that is matchable with your style.

Believe it or not, the machine can produce 28 pounds of ice daily. We believe that would be enough to cover the entire day of camping. You can be sure that ice production will keep its quality over the years.

People usually use it for common events and activities. For instance, it is perfect for BBQ, family gathering, and different outdoor picnics. Buying a bag of ice that would melt quickly will be unnecessary.

5. Della Portable Ice Maker with LCD Display


The model like this will allow you to make the ice in under 6 minutes. For that period, you will manage to get 9 cubes. In other words, you will get 28 lbs for the entire day. Because of that feature, Della portable ice maker will be a great option for camping and other outdoor activities.

Its integrated storage bin is also good because it can hold up to 2 lbs of ice at a time. Despite that, the unit contains a modern compressor refrigeration technology. Thanks to its feature, you will manage to get bullet-shaped chillers during the summer days. All the ice cubes come in three different sizes suitable for different purposes.

You don’t have to be a genius to realize how to use a machine like this. There is a control panel that will make things a lot easier. It will allow you to turn unit off and on and pick the size of the cube that you want without any additional effort. The panel also alerts users when the bucket is full or when the water reservoir runs low.
What do you think? Which unit from our list meets your expectations and requirements the most?

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