Cancel Twitch Prime in 2024

Canceling a subscription can be a tedious process. Twitch Prime users can cancel their subscription if they are not satisfied with it. Amazon Prime users can easily cancel their Twitch Prime subscription by following some simple steps.

About Twitch Prime


Amazon Prime users can access twitch prime for free. It’s a reward scheme for Amazon Prime users. Twitch is a platform where one can access free games like League Of Legends and Warframe. The twitch stream key lets them access hidden features and much more. The users can also support their favorite content creators.

Twitch Prime Subscription and Cancellation


The cost of the subscription is quite pricey and many users are looking forward to discontinuing the subscription. The cancellation process of Twitch Prime is not very difficult to use after all. By following some simple steps one would be easily able to discontinue their twitch subscription.

Twitch prime is generally used by Amazon Prime users. There isn’t any specified time slot within which the user has to cancel the twitch prime connection.

The users need to keep in mind the device they used to subscribe to Twitch. The connection taken from a phone or an Android device needs to be canceled from the same device/phone. The same is the case with a laptop. It’s the iPhone users who are at a huge loss. iPhone users won’t be able to cancel their subscriptions. They will just have to wait till it expires.

Steps To Cancel The Subscription

The steps to cancel the subscription are few and can be implemented by any user. The drawback is that iPhone user won’t be able to use these steps to cancel the subscription. The following steps need to be implemented to cancel a subscription on a Mac/PC the user has to follow these steps.

Firstly, the user has to go to the Twitch website and sign in, and then click on their profile picture in the right corner

This will lead the user to the drop-down menu that appears. They have to click on the select “Subscriptions” option.

This would lead the user to the “Your Subscriptions” menu. In case if it doesn’t open up, the user can click the “Your Subscriptions” tab. This is immediately under the large “Subscriptions” heading at the top of the page.

Last but not least the user can then click on the cog icon on the subscription they wanted to cancel, and select “Cancel Paid Subscription” or “Don’t Renew Subscription.” If the user has just subscribed to that channel, they might also be able to select “Cancel and Refund.”

The steps to cancel a subscription on an ‘android device’ are also quite easy.

Firstly the user has to sign into his/her account in the Twitch app. The user has to navigate to the channel they subscribed to. There, the user can click on the “Subscribe” button.

Secondly, the user can “Cancel Subscription.” They can confirm the following by clicking “Cancel Subscription” again.

Final Words

The user will no longer be able to access those features. And will also not be able to subscribe to the previous channels after canceling their Twitch Prime subscription. The users can redeem their free subscription by linking their Amazon prime account with their Twitch account.

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