Career Options for Human Resource Management Students

Are you looking for the perfect career for you in human resources? Worry no more; we have sampled different paths you could choose. These options have been carefully analyzed for you to understand and know what each path entails.

Human Resources Management

Human resources managers help employees directly through human resource activities, then manage them once completed. This may involve:

  • leading employees in the hiring process
  • benefits programs
  • training
  • labor disputes
  • other administrative needs

HR managers directly influence and impact other employees and people in a company. This is a great career for students who have loved helping people because it mainly involves human interactions.

Nonprofit Human Resources Expert

A nonprofit human resources expert is an expert working in the human resource department of a nonprofit organization. Such professionals have similar tasks as those working in a for-profit role. You operate differently in nonprofit organizations. In nonprofit organizations, you work to impact people with the change that helps the world. Your impact on other workers is felt.

HR Consultant


Human resources consultants, on the world now, charge high rates hourly for their services. Consultants have a lot of specialties in a variety of fields. Some fields include:

  • Employee benefits
  • Employee reward
  • Changes after companies merge
  • Retirement plans for employees
  • Recruiting
  • Looking for different resources for human resource functions

These consultants analyze a company’s situation and help to recommend appropriately on certain aspects. The HR consultant selects who they work with. Also, they are not necessarily guided by company timelines. They give a quote of what to charge. In this field, freedom meets money.

International Human Resources Professional

The job of the international HR professional involves:

  • Filling global positions with appropriate candidates
  • Training and setting standards across international organizations
  • Employee labor relations
  • Programs for employees

This path has tasks related to what a natural human resource professional does but now, you deal with international nationalities. If you love traveling, easy to adapt to external customs, this is a perfect field. If you think you’re going to get bored, the International human resource career may not be for you.
Chief HR Officer (Vice President of Human Resources)

The Chief HR Officer makes more than $200,000 per year. This position needs a person to make human resource strategies for companies. These include policies, systems, and goals. Every human resources department runs through the CHRO (Chief HR Officer) or the Vice President of HR for other companies; as you grow in this career, your payload increases.

Training & Development Management

Training and development assist other employees in the same department. They do this through different methods, like workshops and seminars. Sometimes, this calls for making detailed courses for employees to use. This career may suit you well if you love to help people improve on how they conduct their work.

Employee Education Consultation


Employee education consultants work the same as training development officers. They use similar methods but are committed full time. Furthermore, they are hired either on a contract basis or retainer. Meaning, companies looking to employ them want their employees to have relevant skills in their work line. You work with employees doing a strategic human resource management degree who want to be experts in their field according to

The consultants work openly and are welcoming to employees. This creates an accommodative space for employees to consult. Also, many consultants work independently. Also, they have the ability to choose their clients.

Executive Recruitment

If you love building relationships, then being executive recruiter suits you. They are tasked with looking for job vacancies for executes such as CEOs and vice presidents of human resources. Mostly, the executive recruiter is paid after filling a position or on retainers.

Executive recruiters bond with companies that, when openings occur, they are called first. After getting the information, they start a search for potential candidates. They contact different companies and people who may be interested in this role.

Due to the high competition of executive recruiters, your personality matters greatly in this career.

Human Resources IT Specialist


Human Resource Information Technology Specialists are on a growing career path. People with knowledge in software or hardware interested in human resources use their skills to become Human Resource IT specialists. This expertise is used in human resource systems. Although their direct interaction with employees is minimal, this member supports HR teams.


Now understand the different career paths you could dive into? Well, if you love working with people, the better for you. You require a great working personality to be in any human resource management field. Nonetheless, human resource-related careers have a market worldwide.

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