Caribbean Sailing Tours: What Tour Is Best for You in 2024?

Do you want to explore various islands and beaches of the Caribbean? Are you looking for sailing tours with amazing facilities for your comfort and adventure? If yes, then you will feel great to know that you can discover the Caribbean islands by opting for interesting sailing tours to different destinations. There are perfect spots to explore deep marine life and spend some beautiful moments with your family or friends.

Undoubtedly, when you sail on the calm waters, you will feel great and refreshing. People who are fond of doing water adventure sports should look for some different destinations for doing such activities. In the following write-up, we will discuss Caribbean sailing tours, and you can check which one is best for you. There are many things to do like snorkeling, dining on the beachside, diving, parties, etc. Let us get more information about various destinations.

1. Antigua


Sailing in Antigua is an authentic experience. There are plenty of mysterious treasures that one must explore here. This place is known for its wildlife as well as amazing underwater marine life. Temperature is quite pleasant that one can enjoy days and nights on the beach. People can enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset for refreshing their mood.

You can visit and explore the tropical rainforest and seek its beauty. Snorkeling is quite possible here, where you can view coral reefs, sea turtles, and much more. Divers can explore the Hercules pillars, blue wrecks, and sunken rock. You can have a tasty dinner with live music and many more interesting things.

2. The British Virgin Islands


It is a perfect blend of white beaches and big harbors that helps you to explore the entire British Virgin Islands. There are more than 25 islands where you can go and spend some memorable moments with your friends and family. You can explore turtles on the beaches and also enjoy your evening time sitting in an amazing bar.

Divers can explore the underwater beauty of marine life. You can also visit small villages where you can meet new people and enjoy their culture. Every year, many people initiate to go to the colorful island, where they can enjoy shopping, having delicious food from bars and authentic restaurants, etc.

3. Grenada


It is also called as The Spice Isle of the Caribbean because it is a mountainous island with beautiful flowers and plants. There are some peaceful lakes along with great wildlife. This island is a big producer of cloves, cocoa, nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger. There are many things to explore, like markets, rum distilleries, forts, coral gardens, and plantations of spices.

You can also check out waterfalls surrounded by rainforests. You can imagine how beautiful experience it will be for any tourist. One can also participate in various cultural activities of Grenada like a sailing festival, Grenada Classics Regatta, races, etc. One can explore a lot of things here in a couple of days.

The sailing experience to the Grenada islands is also quite interesting. You can do various water adventure activities, such as swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, sightseeing, etc. You can land on various beaches, where you can do shopping, explore forts, hiking, and much more.

4. Martinique


The charter can take you around Martinique island and provides all the benefits of the natural beauty of the island. One can explore the rainforests, shorelines, mountain tops, etc. Pleasant winds remain the same throughout the year, which people usually enjoy.

You can explore many things on the coastline like harbors, hot springs, spots for snorkeling, and much more. There are plenty of places where one can hike and explore the inner soul. It is a perfect place to enjoy the scenic beauty of the beaches, landscapes, harbors, and much more.

5. St. Lucia


This place is located on the eastern side of the Caribbean Sea. The perfect time to visit the place in winter, when you can enjoy cold winds across the shores. At the time of sailing, you can explore the beautiful landscapes, beaches, and much more. You can participate in various water adventure activities, like swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, etc.

One can sightsee the scenic landscape and enjoy endless beauty while sailing on the charter. St. Lucia is rich in wildlife and vegetation. You can experience the real beauty of the underwater marine world. It is one of the popular destinations among people, and many individuals prefer this one as the Caribbean sailing tour.

6. St. Martin


It is another popular and beautiful destination that people prefer for sailing. One can participate in many offshore adventurous activities. You can get charters for small distances, where you can reach remote destinations with ease.

Individuals can enjoy various activities like dining, dancing, clubbing, playing casino games, etc. When it comes to water activities, then one can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, relaxing on the beach, kayaking, etc. One can enjoy the cruise in St. Martin in a great way.

7. St. Thomas


It is a perfect island with perfect beaches, atmosphere, and a paradise of the underwater marine world. You can get duty-free stores here to shop for almost everything. There are plenty of hotspots available on the beaches. You can party, and enjoy the authentic culture of the island. There are many cuisines in the dining.

Divers can get a good opportunity to explore the underwater marine world. It is a perfect place to enjoy with your family and friends. Many individuals consider St. Thomas as one of the favorable destinations for sailing and exploring.

The Bottom Line

There are plenty of destinations for Caribbean sailing tours, which are offered by various charter companies like Corsair. For more information regarding the exploration of the Caribbean islands, you can visit One can customize the tour and get the right deal.

You need to decide the places where you want to go and several activities that you want to enjoy on an island. You have to consider the best place where you can sail the charter and enjoy some moments with your friends and family. Choosing the right tour depends on your preference and requirements.

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