Glamour and Casinos in Hollywood and Real Life in 2024

Casinos have featured in many classic movies from comedies to heist movies. From the glamour of James Bond to the allegedly true story of taking down the house in 21. From the bawdy bachelor party of The Hangover to a galaxy far, far away in The Last Jedi.

Sometimes they are an integral part of the storyline and other times they just add a splash of glamour or mystery to a particular scene. Read on to see a list of some of the memorable moments in casino celluloid history.

Guns, Girls, Glamour and Spies


Perhaps the most famous gamble on the big screen is James Bond. So many Bond movies have scenes set in casinos that you almost expect each movie to have a visit to a glamorous location in Macau or somewhere else in the world. Some of these are based on real locations that you can visit and others sadly are just sets for the movies. The Skyfall casino in particular was extremely beautiful and many people have been disappointed to find that there is no such place.

It has often been said that Bond’s favorite game is Baccarat and that features in one of the most famous casino scenes in Dr. No. Although Baccarat features heavily in Bond films it isn’t his only casino game as he plays craps in Diamonds are Forever and Texas Hold ‘em in Casino Royale. Not surprisingly given the movies links to gambling and casinos there is a Casino Royale slot machine and online casinos have James Bond themed games too.

Dressing for a Night at a Casino


Sadly the reality at most casinos is not as spy movies might show. Dress codes have relaxed over the years but this doesn’t mean the glamour has gone. You can still feel like a VIP.. Many casinos still take their dress codes seriously. Before visiting a casino it is worth checking out their website. If you are attending a black tie event then you can definitely get a tuxedo or an evening dress ready for the casino.

Casino Nights at Home


If you really want to have the experience without going to an actual brick and mortar casino then set up your own night. You can ask all your guests to wear tuxedos and evening dresses, give everyone a glass of champagne on arrival to add that touch of class.

To make the experience more real install a roulette wheel, poker table, blackjack and craps. You can set up laptops or tablets (you may have to borrow some from friends) and login to an online casino and set up slot machines on the computer. You just need an account and good internet connection.

In fact if you sign up for different online casinos then you may be able to pick up signing on bonuses and other freebies or promotions. You can either let your guests use these or keep them for yourself.

Live Online Casinos


So you like the casino experience but don’t wish to travel to a traditional one? Well there are plenty of online casinos out there. To choose one for yourself you should check reviews and see how long they have been established. Most have an online presence so you can find a brand name you know like MGM or Virgin. Check the payment methods suit you and they have your favourite games. Free to play games are good for getting practice in. Just because you’ve seen a lot of gambling in the movies it doesn’t mean you are a seasoned pro.

If you want to make it a little more real then choose a casino with a live dealer. This is where an actual, attractive, professional dealer will conduct the game on screen. You will be able to see the cards actually being dealt. Again you just need a compatible device and good internet connection. The webcams the casinos use can track the game. For an example if you were playing craps the camera would follow the dice as you ‘throw’ them or if it was roulette the camera would observe the wheel and then the ball as it spins around to the winning number.

Live casinos or live dealer casinos as they are sometimes called also often have a chat feature so you can interact with the other players. Indeed the dealer themselves may call you by your name when dealing to you. You don’t have to dress up for an online casino though as the camera is one way. You and the other players can all see the dealer but she or he can only see your screen names. This doesn’t mean you can’t make a vodka martini and add a bit of Hollywood to your online gambling.

How Have Casinos Changed?


From early days of card games in saloons in the Wild West to today’s huge monoliths to gambling with acres of neon and light shows, casinos have changed immeasurably.

Las Vegas was built from racketeering and other organised crime. Gambling was actually banned in 1905 in Nevada but it continued on regardless in illegal casinos and speakeasies. It was legalised again in 1931. Organised crime had already got their hooks in and they knew what they wanted. Bugsy Siegel had a vision for a casino and Las Vegas in general says It was to offer glamour and luxury at low cost, let ordinary people live out a fantasy and attract big spenders and celebrities.

In the 1960s the mega-casinos started to be built. Investors and corporations moved in and the mob were edged out. Howard Hughes spent over $300 million on hotels in Vegas and in 1989 the Mirage was opened which was the first of the mega-resorts to arrive.

Las Vegas continues today with millions of visitors each year. You can do almost anything you can think of there. Casinos don’t just cater to gamblers there is cabaret, countless restaurants, live sports and music events. Just remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Whatever your choice in casinos you can inject a bit of Hollywood glamour into your experience.

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