Best Casinos to Spin Roulettes – 2024 Guide

Online roulettes are an immensely popular online game genre. Why is it so popular? Because they are easy to learn and play, free of skill-based knowledge with different variations to offer. In fact, you can hardly find a gambling site that doesn’t offer roulette. We have gathered all essential information about roulettes well as a list of top online casinos where you can enjoy roulettes. Click here to read more about them)

What you will find in this article?

  • Quality or quantity of roulette games?
  • Mobile versions and live dealers
  • Roulettes’ house edge
  • Roulette free modes
  • Popular roulette variations

Quality or quantity? What matters?

We all want to see as many roulette variations as possible. As a result, there are plenty of available tables in the best casinos ensuring that you won’t get bored easily. The most popular variations are European, American and French Roulette. Moreover, the casino operators might offer modern variations of roulette with new gameplay features. In the article linked above, subtle differences that every roulette player needs to know about (all of which we describe in detail). In online roulette there are options for beginners to play for free and for high rollers to bet huge amounts.

As for the quality of roulettes, there is a massive disparity between bad and good roulettes.. Playing online roulette we want to enjoy amazing graphics, a user-friendly interface, bonuses etc. Only the best of the best casinos provide all the above.

Is there a mobile version and a live dealer mode?

Surely, everyone wants to feel the atmosphere of a real land-based casino, in the comfort of their homes. It’s no longer interesting to sit in front of a screen only looking at tables, more people are gravitating towards going live with a real croupier. This is the closest thing one can get to a land-based casino online. You can see the dealer’s hands on a real roulette wheel all without leaving the comfort of your home. You can also converse with the dealer, change camera angles, and enjoy roulette on your sofa or bed.

Nowadays, the majority of people own a smartphone and that has made it possible for online casino sites to provide us with mobile versions of apps we can enjoy on the go. Not all the casino operators provide a good mobile version or app alternative to their sites, we recommend you read our article on mobile apps to help navigate the best mobile apps for gaming on the go. What makes a great app in our opinion? Well, we believe that a good app should have amazing graphics, great sound design, and a friendly interface without any bugs or lagging issues

The roulettes’ house edge


The advantage roulette has over other casino games is its house edge. You might be pleased to know that roulettes have one of the lowest house edges at 5.26% and increases your odds of winning. Roulette doesn’t offer big bonuses as other games but that shouldn’t be a reason not to play.

How to play roulette for free?

In the Past, casino players were required to download additional software in order to play games. Today the majority of casinos allow you to play with HTML 5 directly from your browser. Playing from the browser is more comfortable in terms of launch speed and device compatibility.

Moreover, you are able to try all game features for free. Almost every casino provides a chance to play roulette tables with only virtual money. You are not even required to register an account. With this in mind you can try games without any risks of losing your savings. Furthermore, after playing the demo version for free, you will be more prepared to play for actual money.

There are several unique types of roulette

  • American Roulette – as you could understand, this variation of roulette is offered mostly in US based casinos. The rules are pretty much similar, but with one difference. The popular American roulette has a double zero or 00, instead of the traditional 0. This feature significantly increases the house edge. If we make a bet on a single number, the margin in favor of a casino with only one zero is 2.7%. However, with an additional 0 that number increases to 5.26%. In our opinion, this makes the American Roulette the worst among other roulettes when it comes to RTP(Return to Player) rates,and that’s why we have it at the bottom of our list.
  • European Roulette – this is the most popular roulette in Europe. In fact, this type has much more favorable odds for players than the American version. We recommend you play it, due to the highest chances of getting lucky combinations.
  • French Roulette – Amongst the roulette variations, French is the game you want to play because it has the best odds for even chance bets. It only has a 0 slot like the European roulette, but losing even chance bets (for example Red/Black,Even/Odd) are half paid back… However, not all casinos have French Roulette on board, that’s why we recommend you to find it if possible.


The Roulette has been played for many years in gambling establishments. Surely, it attracts new gamblers on a regular basis. Roulette is unique in the online gambling space, because it provides online and live versions options. With the live mode, you can enjoy live streams and the feeling of a real land-based casino. If you admire amazing graphics and other features of online video poker, Go ahead and start playing French or European roulette and enjoy a fascinating gambling experience even on mobile devices.

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