Cobra Interview with Prepare for Change: October 2017

Cobra is a Pleiadian contactee and has been in contact with the underground for over 35 years. He has been told to remain anonymous by The Resistance and has ongoing communications with beings from Planet X that assist The Resistance Movement. As an earthly representative of the Agarthan network and the light forces, he strives to prepare humanity for the up and coming event horizon.

Our intention is to dissipate fear, clear up any misunderstandings, and add insights into what is really happening behind the daily headlines. For more background you are invited to read his blog archive totaling 900 entries to this date.

Transcript of the October 10th, 2017 interview posted on October 18th, 2017 is below the Video

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There was no Malawi update over the summer months so I will do a quick catch up now. Keyason has been busy with a growing number of orphans over the last 3 months. We are keeping the children fed with the corn flour: msima that they are used to eating. Their diet isn’t exactly well rounded with the foods that most in the developed countries are used to eating. A 50 kilo bag of corn flour costs about $24 dollars. The most recent picture that Keyason sent me showed approximately 25-30 bags of corn flour. This is a week’s supply.

Keyason is growing a garden of non-GMO fruits and vegetables which is helping on a small scale to supplement the diet. There have been problems with garden pests which thanks to YouTube videos, organic solutions were found to help solve these problems. Some foods were unfortunately lost.

Keyason has purchased 2 small ox cows and only one lived over the past few months. I’m wondering if the problem was related to insufficient food.

One rather sad occurrence happened in late August. One of the children became severely ill and a care taker named Mevisi was asked to take Joseph to the hospital in Blantyre. Bicycle is the mode of transportation most of the time. Blantyre is the nearest city with a hospital and by bicycle it is a long trip. At some point in the journey to the hospital both Mevisi and Joseph were hit by a speeding car and both were killed.

Mevisi left 4 children which are now orphans under Keyason’s care. And Joseph has 3 sisters who are under Keyason’s care. Not only did Keyason lose Mevisi that helped care for the orphans but now he has 7 grieving children that are missing their brother and mother.

Harrison is 15-years-old and Mevisi’s oldest child. He is quite small for 15. Harrison likes to play football and volleyball. He is a good caretaker for his younger siblings. He would like to be a pilot when he grows up. His biggest problem, right now, is that when he is alone he cries as he misses his mother.

Mevisi’s second child is 13-year-old Dina. She is deaf and unable to speak. Keyason tells me she is intelligent but due to conditions in Malawi, there are no special school for the handicapped children. Dina is in a standard 4 class with children that can hear. She likes to play volleyball with her peers. Dina is a thoughtful soul and would like to be a nurse.

Malita is the third child of Mevisi. She is 8-years-old and in standard 3 at school. Malita is a good student but she is having difficulty coping with the death of her mother. Keyason says that she will leave school crying as she thinks about her mother. They try to distract her with other things but there are no toys and minimal activities for an 8-year-old girl. Keyason says that the weekly money that we send also pays for medical care and needs such as oil and soap. There is no money left over at the end of the week. Children create their own entertainment and play things.

Mevisi fourth child is Daniel. Keyason says he is about 1-year-old and as he is still a baby and needs constant care.

On Keyason’s behalf I am asking for some generous light workers to step up and help with the support of these 7 children. If 7 light workers could step up by sending support monthly to Keyason this would lighten his load which is overwhelming to me, when I see what he deals with on a daily basis. Pictures and information on these children will be on the website. Please visit our site to see these very real children that need our help. If you can help please write to [email protected]

Those that desire a tax deduction can go through Prepare for Change as we are now a 501c3 charitable organization. As an added bonus for the first 3 days that this interview is posted, any new donor to Prepare for Change for our Malawi orphans will have their donation matched by a special light worker. Please take this opportunity to help a most worthy cause. These Malawi orphans are the next generation to create an Africa that is prosperous, abundant and peaceful. They will be ever grateful for the chance at life that you are giving them.

Lynn – Welcome everyone to our October 10th, 2017 interview. Welcome back Cobra.

COBRA – Thank you very much for your invitation. it is one of the best opportunities now to continue with our interviews.

Lynn – I’m going to let Aaron start with our first question.

Aaron – Hi Cobra It’s always good to hear from you. We’ll start out with the first question. This is an interesting question. It’s been in the news a lot. It’s one of the bigger events. It’s about the Las Vegas shooting that transpired about 10 days ago. We’ll start out with one viewer and what he was asking and then we’ll go into specific points. This is one of the complicated one.

There’s a lot of information of the internet and youtube. I just want to get your feedback on it. The question starts out: On October 1st we just experienced a mass shooting/false flag event in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was reported that 58 people died. Is somebody “bigger” behind this attack?

COBRA – Basically it is just one of many attacks that the Cabal engineers to create more fear and panic. This is one of the objectives and I will also add Benjamin Fulford’s opinion: This was engineered to promote more crowd control, more security and the security firms expected to earn money from this. This was the other issue behind it.

Aaron – So in reference to Steven Paddock they’re asking: It’s been alleged that he’s the shooter. There’s various opinions wether he was or not. The questioner asked: Who trained him? That might not be a valid question assuming he is the shooter.

COBRA – It is simply various aspects of the Cabal that can simply hire that kind of people and they’re trained well enough in advance, so it’s a small operation for the . . . nothing very complicated.

Aaron – It is also said he is an arms dealer.

COBRA – Actually there were many shooters, not just one shooter so we have a few people here that are involved with this situation.

Aaron – Would you say Steven Paddock is a “patsy” he took the fall. They always kill the supposed shooter and the media is wanting to make him out as the only one.

COBRA – Yes, exactly, exactly, yes yes.

Aaron – And we have everybody’s got a smart phone now and it’s been lots and lots of recordings. You can hear automatic fire way off in the distance and then the people at the Mandalay Bay can hear it really loud at almost the same time and it wasn’t an echo. You said that there were multiple shooters.

COBRA – Yes.

Aaron – It’s been said the 34th floor, the 12 floor the 4th floor and also in the crowd. The people who were running from the shooters in Mandalay Bay were getting shot from the front. Well it kind of proves it also. Would you say there were also some crisis actors there.

COBRA – What kind of crisis.

Aaron – Well, you know there were real guns and real bullets and real shooters (Yes, yes yes) obvious real people were getting hurt but were there any actors.

COBRA – Oh yes, actors, yes, it is a combined situation. There were real victims, real shooters and real blood and there were also actors to inflate the number of victims to inflate the event to create more fear, to create more panic, to create . . .Actually one of the things they wanted to create is that all the alternative community would analyze endlessly what happened, how it happened, why it happened. It’s one big distraction actually. It is counter productive to spend too much time analyzing this because it is just one of many attacks that happen and actually I would give you a perspective: each day chemotherapy kills more people every day in clinics around the United States and around the world and nobody seems to care.

Aaron – Right.

COBRA – And the Cabal is killing people with chemotherapy and with other drugs daily without anybody noticing and this is on a far larger scale than what happened in Las Vegas.

Aaron – Right. Chemotherapy has been kind of condoned. It’s OK because It’s one of the approved therapies.

COBRA – Yes, But if you see what’s happening all the time you can put things into perspective.

Aaron – So the 58 people that supposedly died, that number might be smaller or the 500+ victims that were causalities that were injured that might be a lot smaller than it actually is?

COBRA – According to my sources it’s smaller, yes.

Aaron – It is smaller? OK

COBRA – But there are also aspects of the situation. People are getting trampled because of the panic in the crowd and that is something else that needs to be taken into consideration.

Aaron – They are hurt but not by bullets?

COBRA – Many of them, especially those that were not mortally wounded had been trampled upon and this was crowd, actually one of the aspects of the plans one of plans that they had, the Cabal had, was to create panic in the crowd.

Aaron – Would that like to be kind of an experiment for them to see how well it goes?

COBRA – Yes.

Aaron – Interesting. Yes, We could go on and on with this but we should probably go onto the next question but like you said it’s a big distraction. Thank you Cobra for that answer.

Lynn – OK Cobra, now we’re going to look at Saudi Arabia: Women are now allowed to drive in the oppressive authoritarian country of Saudi Arabia, that adheres to Sharia Law. It’s the first time in well, forever. Saudi Arabia is a country where women have to cover their faces in black draping, where they can’t walk on the same sidewalk as men, where grown adult women are forced to obey their male guardians, their husband, their father, their brother, where women have to get permission to travel, and get a note signed by their husband for any medical care, because Saudi Law codifies women’s lack of capacity in making decisions for themselves. Also, Saudi Arabia is a country where women can be stoned to death for (being) raped, yet no punishment for the rapist, and also allows a father to kill his daughter if the daughter dishonors him. Yes, this is Sharia Law at its finest. But Cobra, how on earth, is a country with so much wealth, so very backwards? This sounds like they are right out of the Stone Age of maybe 50,000 years ago!! Can you comment on this Cobra?

COBRA – Actually there are many countries that are still in the medieval times if we speak about the development of the society and many of those countries are quite wealthy. Wealth does not mean . . . it can not be equated with the state of development of society. It simply means that in Saudi Arabia the ruling Cabal is simply more powerful and they can suppress more. So this is the kind of society they have created. (OK, thank you) has initiated a Volunteer Forum that meets on Saturday mornings at 11 AM PDT. To add your voice to this discussion please see our Volunteer Assembly page: (the link is in the transcript)

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Aaron – Next question: There has been much talk about dead currencies coming back to life again. History and common sense tells us that when a currency is inflated to the point where toilet paper is worth more, the currency is pretty much dead. But Right now the 100 trillion dollar Zim note is selling on eBay for 1 dollar to 70 dollars, as a collector’s item. And, right now, Zimbabwe’s central bank will buy the 100 trillion note for 40 cents us dollars. It’s my understanding that those who have collected a lot of these hyper inflated currencies, are selling and pushing the idea that magically they will come back to life and everybody will be rich. This includes the Vietnamese Dong and the Iraqi Dinar. Could you please comment on this Cobra?

COBRA – Actually I was speaking about this many times before. People who are expecting drastic wealth from trading of those currencies are mistaken. This will not happen. It’s simply when . . actually, if you have a hyper inflation situation what happens is the country devalues the currency and they can remove 3 zero’s or 6 zero’s or 10 zero’s. Issue a new Zimbabwe dollar, for example, pegged to the US dollar and all that old money is suddenly worth less. Maybe now it’s worth 40 cents then maybe it’s worth 20 cents. So it’s very risky to trade in currencies which are in hyper inflated spiral. Those kinds of bank notes are actually interesting for collectors but apart from that I don’t see any reason why anybody should collect large number of those bank notes.

Aaron – So if a country decides to make it’s own currency again, like I guess Zimbabwe is using the American dollar, but if they decide to use their own currency they would print up a brand new note. Is that true?

COBRA – Basically what happens in that kind of situations usually the country issues a new bank note, it re-brands it’s currency, removes certain number of zero’s and the central bank for sometime still can exchange the old currency but at a very low rate, (like 40 cents) so this is what will most likely happen. This is one of the possibilities that will happen. (OK, thank you for the answer)

Lynn – It has been established that the real cost of illegal US immigration is $135 billion a year for the American citizens. And for the “Dreamers”, the kids who were brought here when they were young, it’s going to be especially hard to be deported as adults back to Mexico or where ever country they have came from. If the Dreamers stay here, this has a snowball effect, in that eventually all their families and friends migrate here to the US as well. America cannot support the massive influx of unskilled workers migrating to this country. There is only a limited number of homes that need gardeners, janitors and maids. Can you comment on this Cobra?

COBRA – Basically, this kind of situations can only be resolved with The Event when there will be equality among all nations and all parts of human population. The reason why people are escaping from other countries and entering United States is because in their own countries they have difficulties surviving or creating a happy life. That’s why they migrate and people will continue to migrate until this balance is addressed, one way or the other. So there is no policy that can solve this without addressing the basic inequality that exists on this planet. (I agree, thank you)

Aaron – Sanctuary cities are another issue dealing with the immigration problem. I know it’s a tough call, where the Democrats support free hand outs and welfare programs, and naturally, if the undocumented immigrants are given voting privileges with free Obama Care, which is what has been happening, the immigrants will all vote Democrat and keep the free stuff coming their way. And Trump wants to put a stop to all this and have the money go to Americans not migrants. Can you comment on this Cobra?

COBRA – Ok, this is just 2 sides of the same coin. Again this will not be resolved before the basic inequality is addressed. It can not be resolved on a polarized level between the Democrats and the Republicans. (OK thank you)

Lynn – Cobra, As usual, the media still calls the Trump ban from Terror Ridden Countries, “A Muslin Ban”. This misnomer is typical of the media, always twisting words and do nothing but bash Trump. The 8 countries banned are Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen. This sounds logical, seeing as how these are terror ridden countries and we need to be cautious with. Can you comment on this Cobra?

COBRA – Basically Terrorism is a Cabal creation and Cabal has one of it’s main base is within the United States, so I would not worry so much about people coming from the named countries because it is” “Terrorists are everywhere already”. (Yes, we sure have seen that, thank you)

Aaron – The Ken Burns PBS Documentary “Vietnam”, which has been airing lately, was very insightful. This shed light on the fact that Vietnam was a French territory, occupied by the French and Japanese. France was our Ally, and Japan our former enemy. South Vietnamese hated both the French and Japanese. Ho Chi Minh started a revolution and wanted our help to free the South Vietnamese people. Add the communist North Vietnamese to the mix, and you have a very complex problem of Control and the desire for Freedom. The US was in a very awkward position. I know this is an over simplification, but Cobra can you please comment on this whole situation of Vietnam in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

COBRA – Basically I would just simplify this very much. The Cabal wanted to have another war and they had another war, that’s all. There are always local complexities that can be misused to create an excuse for another war and this is what happened with the Viet Nam as well. (OK)

Lynn – John McCain was a fighter pilot in Vietnam, and was shot down, captured, and almost died. In the documentary, he sounded like a true patriot. But now in congress, McCain is an obstructionist against the Trump administration. What happened to John McCain, Cobra?

COBRA – He’s a mind controlled slave of the Illuminati network and that explains all his behavior. (wow, yea)

Aaron – Julian Assange in an interview with Dana Rohrabacher, has evidence that there was no Russian/U.S. election meddling. We know this is true, but what’s up with the turning Assange into a criminal because he was just being a journalist and reporter of the truth. Please comment.

COBRA – I have no comment on this. (OK)

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Lynn – Robert Mueller, in an effort to go after Trump for firing FBI Director James Comey, has been targeted by former white house aide Roger Stone and Judge Andrew Napolitano, to be fired by Trump, which Trump has every right and authority. Since this whole FBI thing has been a witch hunt from the get go against Trump, it would be great to see Mueller go, along with the rest of the swamp creatures that need to be removed. Do you have any comment on this Cobra?

COBRA – I would say that this whole line of question is coming from somebody who is polarized on Trump and anti-democrats. I would say that both parties and the whole situation have been engineered to create exactly that kind of polarization within the American Society. And I would say none of those parties are the good guys and the other ones are the bad guys. Not true. Basically you have Cabal infiltration in both parties and actually the Cabal at the very top, the Jesuits and the other top members of the Cabal are manipulating both parties and politicians from both parties to create exactly that kind of division. (OK, thank you)

Aaron – This is probably along the same lines: Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been dragging his feet on prosecuting and bringing to justice those that have been violating the law so blatantly. Any Comments again Cobra?

COBRA – Again, I would say again the same comment. (OK, thank you)

Lynn – In regards to Traitors and Treasonous, it has been uncovered that top Republicans have deliberately tried to sabotage the Trump election, as well as the Trump Administration. These include, but are not limited to: Paul Ryan, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, Lindsey Graham and John McCain. Any Comments here Cobra?

COBRA – Yea, this is, I would say this is true and this is what happened, yes. (OK, thank you)

Aaron – This is a good one: Our new Rocket Man – Kim Jong-un, as Trump calls him, has been stirring up his usual trouble making. I’m not worried about a nuclear exchange between North Korea and the USA, but others are not so confident. I think there are safeguards in place that will prevent things from getting out of hand. Cobra, can you assure the rest of us that everything will be OK as far World War III goes?

COBRA – As far as No. Korea goes, there will be no Nuclear exchange on a massive scale. This will not happen. There will be just the usual tension between Trump and the Korean leadership because the Cabal needs that tension to create fear to keep everybody in that state of tension. They need to have this especially on the plasma plane to keep that tension on the plasma plane to keep humanity enslaved.

Aaron – In addition to that I think Fulford said something about “we bombed North Korea just to let them know we’re not going to stand for any of their rocket experimentations any more.” Was that true?

COBRA – Actually . . . actually yes, there was a small nuke which was detonated below the surface in North Korea without any casualties and this was supposed to be a warning but north Korean did not receive this as a warning.

Aaron – According to Fulford he says they’re not doing any more testing.

COBRA – They are planning to do more testing. This game is expected to continue for some time. (Oh, OK). But again I would not worry about this situation. (OK, thank you)

Lynn – On continuing with rating leaders and other prominent individuals we have a few more people we would like you to assess as far as evil goes Cobra (OK).

Aaron – Once again, in order to get a handle of the degree of evil that certain prominent people in the world are, could you give us, in your opinion, a rating on a one to ten scale, one being a good person, and ten being the epitome of evil. Starting off the first person to rate:


1. What would Henry Kissinger Rate? pure 10 (Wow, I didn’t expect that)

2. What would Dick Cheney Rate? pure 10

3. What would Donald Rumsfeld Rate? 9

4. What would George H. W. Bush Senior Rate? Bush Sr. 10 (wow)

5. What would George W Bush Junior Rate? 8 (OK)

6. What would Barack Obama Rate? Barack Obama – 5 (so he’s almost a good guy)

7. What would Vladimir Putin Rate? 2-3 I would say (OK)

8. What would Angela Merkel Rate? 8 (wow, thank you Cobra)

Lynn – Can we assume that all of these people are really alive or have any of them replaced by clones?

COBRA – They are all alive, yes. (thank you)

Lynn – The Cabal’s weather warfare on the islands south of Florida and around the globe have created confusion, devastation, death and more refugees. Can you speak about some of the main weather anomalies and which negative faction is purposely manipulating weather?

COBRA – Basically this was an agreement between various factions of the Cabal because they are more and more realizing that their time is up and they are doing whatever they can to stop the process of the planetary liberation and this is how they attempt this.

Lynn – Are these different factions or different countries causing most of the damage?

COBRA – Basically it’s factions. It’s not divided by countries because all the main factions of the Cabal are everywhere on the planet.

Lynn – How much of what is going on is natural and how much does the Cabal still have access to technology that is making things worse?

COBRA – Basically what’s happening is that the planet itself is reacting to the increased energies from the Galactic center and then the Cabal misuses the existing storms and tries to steer them towards where they can do much damage and where they can . . for example they did this in Puerto Rico lately.

Aaron – Next question: A 250-year-old Rothschild European trust used for blackmail, making donations for political favors (frequently to the Bushes and Clintons), bribes and covering crimes. As of Wednesday, September 27th this trust was confiscated and is no longer available to them. Your comments Cobra?

COBRA – OK. I would not believe that this trust is confiscated and no longer available to them. Where is this information coming from? (don’t know) So I would not believe this that according to this ___is still perfectly working and in operation.

Aaron – They still have plenty of wealth to use however they want?

COBRA – They still have enough wealth that they can continue with whatever they want. (OK, thank you)

Lynn – Catalan officials say 90 percent of people voted “yes” to independence from Spain in the referendum banned by this country’s central government. The one Catalan leader said the region has “gained the right” to its own state”.

We know that Catalonia is a big economic engine for Spain. Can you talk about this election in Spain and why the Spanish government wanted to suppress this election?

COBRA – Basically the Spanish government wanted to suppress the election and one of the main reasons you have just answered is because it is the source of a great percentage of wealth for this Spanish central government. And part of the European policy . . . actually the Cabal wants to have Catalonia still under Spanish government. I would say that many Catalonians wanted to liberate themselves from this arrangement and . . . It is not known yet how this will all play out because the forces of suppression are still quite strong and also this referendum was made under various stressful conditions, note the majority of Catalonians did not vote, so actually their referendum does not reflect the will of the majority of the Catalonians. So here we also have to be careful how we interpret this.

Lynn – And at this point in time do you think that this independence movement a positive movement, for the Light forces there?

COBRA – Yes, it is positive if it is done in the right way. If it will be guided in the right way from now on it can become very positive. (OK thank you)

In Cobra’s September 5th update about the effects of the Solar Eclipse Meditation, he said that it is still important for us to keep strengthening the New Atlantis energy grid around the planet with Cintamani stones and meditations.

Prepare for Change has started a new project to strengthen the New Atlantis grid with Cintamani stones in areas where more Cintamani stones are still needed. If you live in Africa or can travel there – or if you live in or near an area that you feel is a place where we need to anchor more light, please send an email to [email protected]. (this link will be in the transcript)

Aaron – I heard that Britain will NOT be leaving the E.U. after all as they have an astronomical fee to pay if they leave? Is this true Cobra?

COBRA – This is simply part of the negotiation tactics you will hear different polarized stories about this in the coming months because they are trying, both sides are trying to get as much as possible from this whole situation.

Aaron – For the people voted and they do want to leave the E.U., at least the ones that voted, the majority?

COBRA – Yes, it’s true. (OK thank you)

Lynn – At a recent United Nations meeting an ultimatum was given following the threats by the Rothschilds, that unless they were installed as controllers by the members of the U.N. that they would unleash germ warfare, genocide on the whole planet. The ultimatum deadline was Monday, September 25th that they must deliver to all governments and all other agencies the promised funding. The deadline passed without any response by the Rothschilds and on Tuesday morning consequences of actions directive were launched. The take down of anyone associated with, working for or associated in any way with the Rothschilds are now being removed as well as the Rothschilds. 78 countries have launched raids. 1100 Government officials have been fired and some 600 are arrested and some are no longer with us. This process is ongoing and will not stop until completed. Is this assisting the RM (Resistance Movement) to move forward? Do you have any comments to this statement Cobra?

COBRA – Yea, I can not completely confirm that this statement is true.

Lynn – So you don’t see that kind of numbers, or you don’t think that this is true at all.

COBRA – I don’t see that kind of numbers. The real numbers are much, much, much, much lower. Certain things that are quoted here are not happening in that way they were presented so I can not agree to this statement. (OK, thank you Cobra)

Aaron – We have a new area. It’s called: GLOWING SPIRAL OVER RUSSIA
On Sept 26, there was a glowing spiral over Russia. Can you tell us more about this?

COBRA – This was simply the testing of a scalar weapon.

Aaron – Were E.T.’s involved in this?


Aaron – What does this indicate if anything?

COBRA – It was simply a testing of a scalar weapon, that’s all. (OK, thank you Cobra)

Lynn – When we will have replicators, will there still be art and handmade products?

COBRA – Actually yes. The replicators will replicate objects for daily use but genuine art will be something that will not be replicated in that same way because the original . . . if there will be copies made with replicators, they will be stamped with a signature as such so you know the original was not made by the replicator. (I see)

Lynn – This person goes on to ask: Would it be easy to copy a piece of art?

COBRA – Yes, but again all the replicators will have a certain protection mechanism because each piece of art has unique energetic signature that can not be replicated easily. (that will make the artists happy. Thank you Cobra)

Aaron – This next question is regarding updates, more on North Korea: Cobra, can you update us on North Korea? Is there anything that light workers can do about the North Korean problem?

COBRA – Yes, of course they can always meditate and those meditations will help calm down the situation.

Aaron – Is this the same solution forthcoming from the RM?

COBRA – Yes, of course when The Event happens all this will all be resolved. (OK thank you)

Lynn – Cobra, please briefly describe any contracts that exist between the light and dark forces that are still being honored and upheld by the light forces.

COBRA – I would not say they’re agreements, I would say there is a dynamic equilibrium of who does what. The light forces are not crossing certain lines and the dark forces are also not crossing certain lines. The light forces are not making direct physical contact with the surface populations. And the dark forces are not unleashing massive genocides on the planet. These are the two polarities that we have right now. (I see)

Aaron – Cobra, can you give us an update on the Yaldaboath, Black stone and toplet bombs?

COBRA – Black stone has been completely removed. Yaldabaoth is loosing much of it’s power but there are other entities which are being cleared also. And the toplet bombs are being progressively removed, as we speak. (alright)

Lynn – Why do I get a sense that things have slowed down. Is this accurate or am I just too anxious?

COBRA – It is simply a psychological response to the situation when nothing changes so fast as we would like so this is a normal reaction. It’s not an objective assessment. It is simply: Things are taking too long, but thing are taking too long for quite a long time. It’s not a new development it’s something that is happening on-going, (yes)

Lynn – I know you don’t like quantitative questions but it seems that we are at a place where we are making progress but it is uplifting when you give us a number or percentage that indicates that we are in a better place. This person is thinking the same thing and I am. I’m sorry Cobra.

COBRA – OK, I don’t like to give percentage simply because we are not the only ones listening to this and especially when there are critical operations of the Light forces taking place. And we have many of that kind of critical operations taking place this year. It is not wise to give much intel and this is one of the reasons why my updates are shorter because I can not say much without compromising the critical operations right now. (I understand. I hope everyone else does also)

COBRA – Yes, Yes.

Aaron – When The Event occurs will it be safe to be outside or will there be earth changes at that time?

COBRA – It will be safe to be outside. There will be no drastic earth changes at that point. (Oh good, thank you)

Lynn – Cobra, when does ensoulment occur in the womb or at birth?

COBRA – In most cases it occurs between I would say 2nd and 3rd month until 6th or 7th month. In rare cases it occurs before and in rare occasions it occurs after. I will just give you a rough guideline to have a feeling for this.

Lynn – So between the 2-4 month.

COBRA – I would say the 2nd – 6th month, I would say. (OK, thank you)

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Aaron – Next question: Has the Central Race, completed becoming highly evolved, under the manipulation of the Archons? Could you give us your thoughts Cobra?

COBRA – The Central race had their development completely independent from the Archons. (OK thank you)

Lynn – You have said that: “Until November 11th, 2011, all negative timelines for planet Earth have already collapsed and positive future of the planet is certain. There will also be no alternative Earths. Therefore, bright future for the planet is certain. . . . and most inhabitants of the planet”. Is this also true for parallel earth’s? Are there parallel earth’s and parallel us? (no) Cobra, do you understand?

COBRA – Yes I understand, but the answer is no.

Lynn – But you still go with what was in the beginning.

COBRA – Yes, yes, I agree with what I said then. Yes.

Lynn – What is the difference between parallel earth’s and timelines?

COBRA – Timelines are simply possible futures. Parallel earth’s is a concept that some people are using when they try to explain what is going on. (OK, thank you)

Aaron – What are the exact steps or protocols which raise our vibration enough to change our body’s physiology?

COBRA – There are Ascension protocols that are connecting with the light body activation and then those can and do change at a certain point the body’s physiology.

Aaron – They made a comment, Bio-kinesis?

COBRA – No, no, no, no.

Aaron – And they said: Are these the same steps that can go forward as far as re growing our bones and even changing our eye color?

COBRA – I would say at a certain point that can be the end result but we are not there yet. (OK, thank you)

Lynn – Cobra, what is your feeling on us being able to re-create 24 strands of DNA.

COBRA – I would not agree with 24 strands of DNA. It is just another New Age concept that has been introduced. (Ok, thank you)

Aaron – Is it true or is it not true?

COBRA – Again, it is just a new age concept that has been introduced to the surface population.

Aaron – I would like to elaborate a little on that. Our DNA has 2 strands.

COBRA – Yes, the DNA has 2 strands.

Aaron – I don’t see how it can go from 2 to 12 or 24.

COBRA – Exactly, our physical DNA does not go to 12 or 24.

Aaron – It is what it is. We’ve been hearing that for years. I guess that’s just another rumor or myth.

COBRA – It’s anther new age concept that has been introduced and I would say that everybody needs to use their common sense, reading books or internet articles or anything that has been introduced through the alternative media.

Aaron – I had a hard time buying that the first time I heard that. I’m glad you cleared that up.

COBRA – Yes. Basically we have 12 strands of DNA on the etheric plane, but not on the physical plane.

Aaron – Ah, That does make all the difference.

COBRA – Its a different story, yes.

Lynn – Let’s get on with the next question: Although there is a bunch of info online about how to astral project, is it wise to astral project?

COBRA – It is wise if you know what you are doing. It is not wise if you are just exploring different dimensions out of curiosity.

Lynn – OK. This person goes on to say: Can we trust astral projection experiences?

COBRA – I would say that many things are possible when you astrally project so it is not always safe. (OK)

Lynn – So if a person wants to do that, should we ask for guidance in the beginning. How do you discern whether it’s safe or not.

COBRA – I would rather recommend not to do it. If you’re asking that kind of question, maybe it’s better not to do it. (OK, alright, thank you)

Aaron – What does “monadic extension” mean in relation to human behavior and our current human consciousness state of enslavement?

COBRA – I would need to know what you mean by monadic extension. Because Monadic extensions is a term used in different ways by different people.

Aaron – They have it in quotations marks, but I don’t know what it means either. OK.

Lynn – Can you comment on the idea that there are multiple versions of ourselves existing at the same time.

COBRA – In a way yes because there is a higher self, a true self and there is an extension of that into the physical body in our physical incarnation.

Lynn – Are these versions in parallel realities or dimensions or timelines?

COBRA – I have just answered this question. (OK. Alright Aaron)

Aaron – Is it true that a large portion of the human population has already been cloned?

COBRA – No it’s not true. (OK)

Aaron – That there are “copies” of people walking around on the planet being used by mind controlled programs?

COBRA – In most cases it’s not true. (OK, that’s good to know)

Aaron – And please comment on this. What percent of the population may be cloned at this time?

COBRA – Very, very small percentage.

Aaron – Isn’t it kind of complicated to clone a person. They still have to go through the years . . .

COBRA – You can clone the body but you can not clone the soul so you would still not be able to completely replicate a human being.

Aaron – Plus there are environmental factors as they grow up.

COBRA – There are many factors involved also environmental factors. (thank you Cobra)

Lynn – Is it possible to put the soul of a person into a clone.

COBRA – Yes, of course.

Lynn – So that person would have to die then, right?

COBRA – If you want to yes, a clone is just a copy of the physical body an then of course you can put a person into that or also take it out. (hmmm )

Aaron – How long does it take for a clone to grow up.

COBRA – Clone’s can be grown pretty fast, even in a few months with very advanced technologies. (wow)

Lynn – Is it true that “the speed of the globe’s orbit” is 66,600 mph?

COBRA – You always need to measure speed related to_____ something. So speed is always relative. You need to define speed of globe related to what?

Lynn – This person goes on to say: that the “curvature is one mile squared” is .666 feet? and that “The Axis tilt” is 66.6 degrees?

COBRA – That story is not true.

Lynn – What is the esoteric and occult meaning of this interesting planetary dimension numbers in relation to the lowering or raising of our consciousness? Is there any connection here?

COBRA – There is no relation because I have already stated at least one of those numbers is not correct. (but 2 of them are correct?)

COBRA – Might be if I get more information about what this particular person is measuring the speed from. It can potentially be correct under certain circumstances but I do not have enough information from that person about the definition that this person means. (I understand. Thank you Cobra).

Aaron – Cobra, I spent 10 years in doing GPS and global analysis as far as the physics and the math and these are erroneous numbers. I can’t even being to understand 66,000 mph.

COBRA – That could be a speed related to the movement of the earth related to a certain point within the galaxy. It can be something like that but I would need more information. (you move out from the earth and it could be true somewhere)

Aaron – Let’s go on to the next question here: Can you tell us, generally, what the Process Correction is?

COBRA – No, again I can not answer this question here. (yea, it’s kind of obscure. thank you Cobra)

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Lynn – Cobra, is lucid dreaming helpful?

COBRA – I can be helpful Yes. Again if it’s done with the right consciousness.

Lynn – Should we spend time doing or learning it?

COBRA – yes, if you feel so guided and if you feel confident of it, and you can handle it, yes.

Lynn – Do you have any trustworthy sources that you can give us to guide us toward more education there.

COBRA – You would need to send me an e-mail and I could look for them. I don’t have them right now. (OK thank you)

Aaron – Next question: People are fascinated with invisibility – A google search showed almost 140 movies like The Invisible Man or even Harry Potter book and the invisibility cloak. What is the fascination with invisibility?

COBRA – People are fascinated with everything that goes behind ordinary realities, so this is one of those fascinations.

Aaron – Is invisibility a cloaking technology, so it cloaks and doesn’t make things actually invisible?

COBRA – Actually, yes it’s a cloaking technology which can reflect the rays in a certain way that are not visible to the eye. More advanced cloaking technologies can even teleport the photons and other electronic waves so that they are not detected. There are many different approaches to this.

Aaron – Is it one of the many ways humans have been controlled – by having limited vision?

COBRA – No, no no.

Aaron – The other one: Is it one of the many ways humans have been controlled by the dark forces being invisible to us?

COBRA – No, this is not happening except in very rare occasions by the Chimera group.

Aaron – Some psychics or intuitives are able to “see” people’s energy fields or beings both light and dark. They seem to be able to “see” a broader light spectrum. Is this accurate?

COBRA – In most cases, no. (OK, thank you)

Lynn – After The Event or during or after our Ascension, will our vision expand to be able to view more light wave-lengths or dimensions to see what was invisible to us?

COBRA – What will happen that many people will be able to see non-physical planes with their higher chakras.

Lynn – Will this happen after The Event or do we need to wait until Ascension.

COBRA – After The Event at a certain phase within the Ascension process.

Lynn – So there’s a space between The Event and the Ascension?

COBRA – Yes, of course. I have explained this so many times. (OK)

Aaron – Is it possible that if people ask for more Divine intervention it can speed up the process of liberation of planet Earth? Your thoughts Cobra?

COBRA – Yes, yes. (OK)

Lynn – Are orbs travel vehicles?

COBRA – Most orbs are just. . . actually most orbs that people call orbs are reflections from the lens.

Lynn – Would you speak a little about Orbs that aren’t reflections?

COBRA – That are not reflections (yes) – They are etheric and plasma beings that are actually impacting the area close to the surface of the planet and under certain conditions people can see them.

Lynn – Many people see them in photo’s or night vision videos or with night vision glasses. Are there different kinds of orbs? And do the colors mean anything?

COBRA – Yes, there are different kinds of orbs.

Lynn – What about the colors?

COBRA – Also simply there are different species of orbs and different colors simply means they are coming from different species or branches.

Lynn – Are they from a certain dimension?

COBRA – Again, most of them are living on the etheric and plasma planes.

Lynn – OK. Are there negative orbs?

COBRA – Very very rare.

Lynn – Can we communicate with orbs or call them in?

COBRA – Yes you can.

Lynn – Do they help us with healings?

COBRA – Yes, they do. (thank you)

Aaron – Sometimes I see Stars that sparkle really fast and they start to move around, usually they are in pairs, three’s or fours. Are these ships in the sky that are cloaked?

COBRA – Yes, in many cases, yes.

Aaron – And if they are cloaked and they hear us telepathically can we communicate with them?

COBRA – You can try.

Aaron – How close are they?

COBRA – It depends on the situation. Sometimes they can come very close.

Lynn – This person says: I see a Pleiadian ship in the western sky. Is it cleaning up pollution in the atmosphere? If not, what are they doing?

COBRA – OK, it depends if you are really seeing a Pleiadian ship. Yes, there are many pleiadian ship that are clearing the pollution. (OK)

Lynn – Cobra, thank you so much. I’m going to give Aaron one last question and then we’ll let you go.

Aaron – This is a quickie Cobra. It says: Is it true that 25 percent of the human race are human?

COBRA – No. (I didn’t think so)

Aaron – If 75 percent are not human, what are they?

COBRA – Most of the people on this planet are human, the vast majority yes. (OK thank you Cobra)

Lynn – Is the 144,000, are they from somewhere else that have come to help.

COBRA – From many star systems, yes.

Lynn – Cobra I want to thank you once again for being with us today and we always appreciate your visit and I hope people will appreciate this information for our October update with you.

COBRA – OK. OK. Thank you very much for this interview.

Aaron – Thank you bye.

In closing I would like to thank the whole team that has made this interview possible:

Cobra for being a gracious guest. His website is:

Aaron—my interview partner, sound & editing technician

DOV for our theme song: Voices of the World

Danell for her transcription expertise

CobraQuestions team: for their questions

Ada for modulation

Dane behind the scenes

And all our wonderful listeners!

And remember always that…. We are all Voices of the World.

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