How Much Do Commercial Cleaning Services Charge Per Hour?

Commercial cleaning is one of the most popular services offered today. From offices to schools, businesses of all sizes use commercial cleaning services to keep their premises clean and tidy.

But how much do these cleaning services cost per hour? In this post, we will explore this question. Armed with this information, you can choose the best service for your needs.

What is Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is the cleaning of business and commercial properties. These can include offices, factories, shopping centers, and other properties. Commercial cleaners typically clean areas such as carpets, upholstery, windows, and doors.

commercial cleaning service typically includes a variety of products and equipment, as well as detailed instructions. They also often have experience with specific types of businesses, which can make them better suited to clean specific areas or floors.

Commercial cleaning services can vary widely in price, with some charging as little as $20 per hour, while others can charge upwards of $100 per hour.

The amount of time that a commercial cleaning service will require to complete the job also varies greatly. Generally, larger offices will take longer to clean than smaller offices, and high-traffic areas will take longer than low-traffic areas.

Who Uses Commercial Cleaning Services?


These services are used by businesses and organizations of all sizes. They are popular among businesses that have a lot of physical space to clean, as well as those with high volumes of customers or employees. They can also be used by small businesses that don’t have the staff to do their own cleaning, or who need help keeping their space organized.

What Services Does a Commercial Cleaner Offer?


A commercial cleaner offers a variety of services depending on the needs of the business. Some common services include: cleaning offices, conference rooms, break rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms; removing graffiti and other debris; taking care of carpeting and upholstery; and staging furniture and curtains.

Some cleaners also offer janitorial services, such as sweeping and mopping floors; cleaning bathrooms; emptying trash cans; and washing windows.

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, a commercial cleaner may also offer additional services, such as specialized cleaning for food-preparation areas; cleaning during special events, such as weddings or trade shows; or cleaning for businesses in high-traffic areas.

How Much Do Commercial Cleaning Services Cost Per Hour?


These services charge per hour for their services, and the amount of time it takes to clean a commercial space can vary depending on the size and complexity of the space. Typically, small spaces take less time to clean than larger spaces, and complex areas may require more time.

An average commercial cleaning service charges between $50 and $75 per hour, but this price can vary depending on the type of service required and the location of the business.

In conclusion, commercial cleaning services can vary wildly in price per hour. It is important to do your research and ask around before hiring a commercial cleaning service so that you get the best deal possible.

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