Contouring the Thighs with Coolsculpting in 2024

There are so many people out there that have trouble burning away fat in very specific areas of the body. You could be physically active, have a strict diet and live a generally healthy lifestyle, and still have fat in some very inconvenient places.

Fat finds ways to build up in the worst places on the body. One of these places is the thighs. Even if you walk regularly, jog once in a while or ride a bike, big thighs are hard to shrink.

With so many body contouring treatments available in numerous clinics around the country, fat freezing NYC clinics’ non-invasive sculpting procedure is the logical first step to achieving slimmer and more attractive thighs.

It’s a great way to burn away fat without having to actually burn anything. Coolsculpting is a unique procedure that’s offered by some of the industry’s most pioneering practices, like SkinlyAesthetics. Their doctors know exactly how to use Coolsculpting equipment to contour the body into the perfect shape that you deserve to see in the mirror.

Fatty Thighs, A Widespread Problem


Don’t think you’re the only one with slightly bigger thighs. There are tons of people across the world going through exactly the same thing. And it makes sense why.

With everyone staying at home due to recent events and mostly being physically inactive, naturally fat builds up in the least active areas of the body. If your work necessitates being seated for a prolonged period of time during the day, then you can imagine that a lot of fat is going to find its way into your thighs and hips.

Nowadays, having slightly thicker thighs and butt is actually very trendy. Curves are all the rage in the beauty industry. But having random and misshapen pockets of fat all over the thighs isn’t the same as being curvy. Sure, there are a myriad of people who are happy with them, but you may not be so comfortable looking in the mirror to see lower half of the body that’s slightly larger than the torso.

Because of how widespread this problem is, there is big demand for ways to counter it. Today you can pick from a large variety of fat reduction procedures to help you sculpt and curve the thighs in all the right ways. And Coolsculpting stands among them as one of the best.

What Coolsculpting Does for Your Thighs


Other fat reduction treatments will either reduce the layer of fat on your thighs through precise incisions or with special injections that burn the fat away. These work great in their own right and fill very important roles in any cosmetic center’s catalog of fat reduction treatments. But Coolsculpting is a more unique form of fat trimming.

Even though there are many treatments out there that are minimally invasive, as they only involve injections, Coolsculpting is completely non-invasive. This means you won’t have to worry about any cuts, injections, stitches and the painful recovery time that comes with them.

Coolsculpting treatments utilize specialized metallic pads which are placed on your thighs. These pads then get very cold, 14 degrees Fahrenheit to be exact, which is -10 degrees Celsius. At first, this seems like it’s very cold, which it certainly is. However, as you’ve probably noticed from spending long stretches of time outside during the winter: your body has an innate ability to adapt to any temperature. Well, not “any”, but if your skin comes into contact with very cold temperatures, it will naturally go numb and you won’t feel a thing. This means that during Coolsculpting procedures, the skin goes naturally numb, resulting in a completely painless treatment.

The Cold Killer


But even if you don’t feel a thing: what’s the point of putting cold metal plates onto the thighs? Because if you keep them there long enough, the fat cells under the skin begin to die out on their own.

It may sound a little hard to believe at first, but there is very real science behind this entire procedure. Our fat cells can go into this process called “apoptosis”, which is used to kill off cells that have been damaged beyond repair. The fat cells basically commit “cell suicide” and get absorbed into the rest of the body.

With each cell that disappears, the fat clump shrinks more and more until that area has significantly less fat than before. And there you have it: a cosmetic body contouring procedure that works its magic completely on the outside, with results brought on by the body’s own abilities.

Have Some Patience


There is a little downside to fat reduction with this method, however. The advantage of treating anything through natural means, is that there are fewer side effects, less dangers during the procedure and very slim chances of any allergic reactions. This isn’t a sentiment that most other fat reduction techniques can share.

But as a result of natural treatment, you’ll have to wait a little longer. The final results for Coolsculpting come about after 4 to 5 months. Sure, during that time you’ll notice a gradual improvement in the shape of your thighs, but if you want to see the final results in all their beauty, you’ll have to wait a little longer.

And you’re not off the hook just yet. The entire point of being treated with Coolsculpting, is that it destroys the layer of fat that’s built up on the thighs. However, this isn’t going to prevent more fat from accumulating there again. To keep your thighs slim and fit, you’ll need to get rid of the habits and lifestyle choices that caused the fat buildup in the first place.

Even if you work from home, try moving around and exercising, eat healthier food, don’t sit around so much. These are all habits which can ensure that your Coolsculpting results last you a lifetime. You won’t need to worry about your thighs even again.

This is why fat freezing NYC, LA and countless other cities’ patients have fallen in love with the procedure. It’s a safe and easy way to get rid of excess fat, without causing any damage to the rest of your body.

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