Where Can I Buy Custom Challenge Coins?

Challenge coins are something that even today, when they are no longer obtained so often, testify to true human qualities, gratitude and belonging to certain circles. It’s assumed that it was the army and navy that started this wonderful and famous tradition, which, believe it or not, is also respected and appreciated today. You may have had the opportunity to see various types of badges and other similar symbols with collectors, war veterans or members of military organizations, but these… They’re something completely different. They have more soul in them, they’re more decorative, artistically made… and they’ll always remain as a special memory.

There are many conflicting opinions here that we have had the opportunity to read while doing a little research on this topic here and there, since certain individuals believe that making these souvenirs devalues those that people have received for their merits. However, beauty is in originality, and this type of gift or sign of attention that’s adapted to the person you’re giving it to is absolutely something that you don’t see every day. If you came up with this idea, and you aren’t sure where to find a company that will make you exactly what you want, here are some suggestions.

1. Customchallengecoins.net

Source: qualitychallengecoins.com

Apart from giving you the opportunity to have your pieces made in the appropriate size, design and with all the features you’ve wanted, this lovely community isn’t just an ordinary manufacturer. As soon as you open their webpage you’ll understand what we mean, and especially if you have a brief look at the crew members.

What’s so cool is that some of them have a family member (or more!) who has dedicated his life to military duties – war veterans, air force, marines – and you will notice that the team itself is made up of so many people of different ages, artists, designers, customer care agents and many more. They offer coins dedicated to the police, firefighters, and even Masonic ones, as well as a wide variety of materials from which they are made, including ceramics.

There’s a kind of form on their website that you can fill out to express your own wishes and the details you want to feature the coin you order. You need to enter the deadline, the quantity you need, the material, whether you want one-sided or two-sided production, in color or not – and then you’ll get a free price estimate. Of course, the price per piece decreases if you order larger quantities, and most customers are quite satisfied with their orders.

2. Coinssouvenir.com

Source: unitcoins.us

This site is essentially an online store of various types of souvenirs whose range includes keychains, fridge magnets and other similar things, however, coins still occupy a special place in their offer. It’s made by the company Zhong Mao Metal Products which is a provider of already made custom pieces dedicated to football clubs, the president ones, those with Christian symbols, the police and many more.

They use brass, copper, silver, gold and bronze to make them, and you can really find a huge amount of diverse models that, as you can see, aren’t based on military variants only. While definitely being cheaper than the ones you could design yourself, which is quite logical – a huge number of them cost less than $1 per piece, depending on the material and type, but there’s usually a minimum that you have to purchase in order for your order to be successful.

A cool choice if you’re in a hurry and you can’t wait for someone to make a very personalized or special version for you. If you have any questions, there’s a contact form on their website so you can resolve any dilemmas you might have.

3. Challengecoins4less.com

Source: phoenixchallengecoins.com

The fact that the leaders of the Microsoft company were satisfied with their services speaks volumes about them, as well as that their pieces also appeared in the famous series “The Walking Dead”. Apart from the fact that their website is pretty well-made and easy to navigate and use, you can find absolutely all the information that may interest you at one place.

In case you’d like to honor an employee of your company, community, educational institution or basically any organization you belong to or run, the possibility of a corporate order is also a possibility. You’re free to place your logo, a special personalized message, a quote or anything your heart desires on the design scheme you’re creating. Also, in addition to the classic units of all these types, which are the most common, they also offer the production of bottle openers made of challenge coins, which can make a great souvenir.

Shipping to the US is free, just like any design consultation, as you can always give additional suggestions or request corrections if needed. The lowest price you can buy them at is $2.10 per piece and also varies depending on the quantity you need.


Source: pinmakers.com

These people make real art into so many shapes from making special 3D, cut-to-shape and personalized pieces that you’ll enjoy the view of everything they have prepared for you. What might make you especially happy are two things. The first – there’s no minimum order. So, even if you don’t want to buy pieces for 50 or 100 people, that’s fine – you have complete freedom to decide on the number yourself, even if it’s just a few pieces.

Another thing that’s super awesome is the possibility to design the desired look of the coin yourself. In addition to having a lot of templates that you can look up and that might serve as an example, you can design your own shape and size, or you can upload your own image of the scheme from your computer and refine it in the custom challenge coins program provided by this website.

5. Vivipins

Vivipins makes it their mission to deliver the absolute highest quality and most affordable custom challenge coins to people all over the world. Their products range from a bulk variety of challenge coins to brand new challenge coin creations.

If you choose to collaborate with Vivipins, you’re going to get prompt customer service, detail-oriented work, a great product, a low-cost price, and several other features that ensure your satisfaction with your coin BS once you receive the coin. They opt for making customized coins that garner phenomenal reviews and are found in broad demand at nominal prices.

You see? And this is definitely just a part of the huge database of online virtual places where you can order this type of souvenir! Challenge coins remain in someone’s possession, but also in the heart as a dear memory and a special treasure, and a kind of manufacturer you’ll entrust this job to is so, so important – therefore, we hope that this text made the choice at least a little easier!

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