David Wilcock: The Ascension Mysteries Have Been Solved!

A tidal wave of incredible new intel came smashing in over the last two weeks and heavily affected the outcome of The Ascension Mysteries. The manuscript is now complete and it is by far the most awesome thing David has ever written!


The “real world” is so much different than the lies we have been fed, all of our lives, that it is hard to tell the difference.

The negative forces who have run the Western world, and tried to dominate the entire planet but are now being defeated — aka the Cabal — call this Plato’s Cave.

They have kept us in a “prison of the mind” all of our lives, constraining our access to information until we no longer can tell fact from fiction, reality from fantasy.

The truth is that we are already in a Star Trek reality, in which portals can take you anywhere in our galaxy instantaneously.

All the technology we have seen in the greatest sci-fi films exists right now. And with full disclosure, it will become available to us.

The truth is really astonishing. It will be a far more interesting reality once we get there. And we will.

This is intimately tied in with the concept of Ascension. Living in a reality of that nature is akin to a dimensional shift.



When dealing with people who are “in the know,” as I have now for over 20 years, one of the most important things is knowing what questions to ask.

These people may already have information that would completely blow your mind, but if you don’t think to ask, you may never hear about it.

As I wrote in the previous article, I have been scrambling like a madman to finish my new book, The Ascension Mysteries,coming out just four months from now — in August.

I had quite the impressive body of research data to integrate and present, and equally amazing insider testimony to complement it.

As I was putting this together, I ended up having in-depth briefings — repeatedly — with Richard C. Hoagland’s top insider, who opened up far more of what he knows beginning in August 2014.

Someone didn’t want me talking to him, as my number was literally blocked from making a call to his phone. I got a very strange, scratchy recorded message that said “your call cannot be completed” and then gave me some odd alphanumeric code.

As I was slamming towards the end, he kept calling me — and all kinds of fascinating new intel tumbled out of these discussions.


The net effect of all these briefings is I have now been able to connect hundreds of dots that had remained elusive in the past.

If I wanted to, I could immediately turn around and write the sequel to The Ascension Mysteries and have it be every bit as intense and interesting as this volume.

I may do that — but all sorts of other opportunities are lining up at the same time, and I need to stay flexible for the time being.

I will say this: I took the “best of the best” of what I got, and if this book does well, it will propel the sequel to appear much faster.

I have a feeling everyone will say this is my best book yet, the most fascinating, the most well-written, the most engaging, the most like an epic visionary novel but it’s true.

I would have to agree. I think I have truly outdone myself this time. It’s like two epic films rolled into one, and they both interconnect.


One of the things I did not plan on, but which happened anyway, is the book almost perfectly divides into two parts.

We are shooting for a total of 500 pages in the final book, but it may edge over into the 530 range, depending upon typesetting and image placement.

I have dozens of fascinating NASA images that back up what I am revealing in the book and show possible ET artifacts in our solar system.

The first half of the book is the epic personal story I have been teasing up on this site for months and months now.

That has been streamlined and optimized, with all the “fat” cut out, so only the most essential and engaging elements remain for the narrative.

This connects with the personal elements of Ascension unlike anything else I have ever written before.

Without this psycho-emotional component, showing how even the darkest parts of life can be inspired by cosmic beings, the message doesn’t really sink in.

This is a book that connects the head and the heart unlike anything else I’ve ever done before.


The second half has very little personal information in it — just a few things here and there to keep the story moving.

It happened quite spontaneously as the creative process unfolded. What I have effectively done is create “Full Disclosure in a Book.”

As soon as we get to the breakthrough where I hear from my first NASA insider, and find out UFOs are real, we blast into orbit.

I didn’t originally plan it this way, but what ended up happening is I went through all of my best insiders, in chronological order, and give you their best stuff.

It just snowballs and gets more and more amazing with each page. I also threw in 250 references to all sorts of amazing outside research and whistleblowers.

Even if people don’t read the book, the amount of “seeding” that this will create will percolate through the entire UFO community.

If you have been on the fence about Corey Goode and the information we are releasing in Cosmic Disclosure, this may seriously open your mind.

Never before have I so thoroughly laid out the comparisons between his data and what all the others had told me before then.


I don’t want to give too many “spoilers,” in case you want to just see “the movie” and not get all the details.

Briefings and intel have finally filled in the pieces of the story that were missing — and many other things I never even expected to learn.

As a result, a major part of this book is exposing and detailing the the half-million-year history of the Cabal.

It seems hard to believe, but these guys have a complete record of their history going this far back in time — and even farther.

The “Ancient Builder Race” is over two billion years old, and there are ruins of transparent aluminum all over our solar system. Everywhere.

The cover of the book has a crystal, obelisk-like tower on it for a reason. That’s what we find everywhere, on moons and planets.

And not just here, as I now know, but in many neighboring star systems as well.


I had multiple data-aggregate files that were nothing but links, some over 200 pages long. All of those have been accessed and condensed with the “best of the best.”

NASA has disclosed an incredible amount of information since the beginning of 2012, quietly, and all the best of that material made it in.

I ended up needing far more time than I thought to finish it, and do it right. Nonetheless, I would not stop until I had achieved the goal.

I have completely re-invented how I talk about a variety of things, and somehow managed to thoroughly satiate the “New Information” crew, who cannot handle hearing anything they already know.

That gets harder and harder to do all the time, but I have definitely accomplished it once again in this case.

This book is also not technical, in the sense of scientific and mathematical content, like the previous two. It is a much smoother and faster read.

A great deal of stretching will still be required, but in this case it will be the awesome scope of imagination expansion that the truth will require…

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