4 Decisions to Make About Your New Residential Windows in 2024

If you just bought your first home, there is a chance that it has to have some work done on it to fit your needs or to fit your lifestyle. Most people opt for an interior redesign but what you also have to consider, if you want to make a statement, is changing your windows as well. Windows are something that rounds up the property and you have to be honest, they do impact the look and feel of it from inside just as much as form the outside.

There is also a chance that you are a homeowner for some time and its time for an upgrade or just a change due to wear and tear and you have to replace your windows to keep your home up to date in style, as well as in energy preservation and consumption. Now, you’ve already decided that the old windows have to go and new ones must be selected to take their place. At this point, it is a good idea to hire a contractor and see what your options are, and what will suit you best. Contractors consider a few factors as well as your wishes and your price range and according to them, you can easily determine which Canadian Choice Windows would be best for your home. Here are four options that must be settled before the replacement project can get underway.

1. Choosing a Style


There are likely more windows styles that will work with the home’s design than you realize. One of the benefits of working with a contractor is that a professional can take one look at the home and identify several window styles that would fit in perfectly. This is great news, especially if you never liked the current window style anyway.

Feel free to explore the possibilities of all the different styles. You may find that awning windows would provide more visual appeal and more function than the older single hung windows you have now. Maybe adding a bay or bow window to the dining room would be a good idea. It could be that sliding windows would be easier to operate and still provide the look that you want. Thanks to new technologies and design features you can let your imagination run wild. It is that day in age when everything we surround ourselves with is a statement on its own, and manufacturers know that. This is the reason that even something like changing your home windows can be a personal statement to your neighbours and your friends.

2. Opting for the Right Material


Wood was the material of choice when the home was built. It’s still an option today, but there are other choices to think about. This is another area where sitting down with the contractor and learning more about the materials you could use for the replacement windows.

There are several types of windows available and they will cover any needs or budget ranges. One that you want to consider closely is vinyl. This material is sturdy and will hold up to constant use as the time passes. Vinyl is easy to care for and you don’t have to worry about termites or wood rot. There’s also no painting involved since the colour is within the vinyl itself. If you want something durable and easy to maintain, vinyl is the way to go.

Fibreglass windows are something to consider as well. Even more durable with somewhat thinner frames and crisper details that will stand out. There are also Fiberglass windows with fibreglass frames but cladded with wood. Those are supposed to compete with somewhat expensive wood windows plus they look a lot prettier and traditional from the inside with impervious fibreglass frame on the outside.

Aluminium windows come in two price ranges, you can have more and less expensive version. One thing to consider when opting for these is the thermal brake responsible for keeping the outside layer of aluminium away from the inside. Thermally their performance is, well mediocre at best.

Last are the wood windows and these aren’t your traditional wood ones. Nowadays wood windows have a lot going on and they are different from those yours and my grandpa owned. Present-day wood windows have an all-wood frame inside but to make it a lot more durable, the outside has aluminium skin over it that will make it last almost forever.

3. Considering the Type of Glass


The right material for the framework will help reduce energy costs. Choosing the right type of window glass will also make a difference. Consider opting for double or triple-pane glass, since both make it all the easier to control the temperature indoors. Besides this, there are types of window glass made now that help with prevention of harmful UV rays, or simply shield your home from the noise coming from the outside.

Since it is important to control your energy costs and keep the cold or warm air in, depending on the season, you have to consider the thickness of glass. Depending on your region of living, the types of winters and summer the best choice of thickness of glass will be suggested by your contractor, and if you’re not sure whether you should go with double or triple-pane glass, talk with the contractor and find the best solution. Depending on the severity of the winter months, one may be better than the other. It’s not unusual for many homeowners to find that double pane glass is sufficient to provide the benefits they want.

4. Checking Out the Warranty Terms and Conditions


When you consider windows made by a specific manufacturer, do look closely at the warranty that comes with the windows. Your goal is to make sure there is adequate protection from any defect that occurs during the production process. While the hope is that you never need to invoke any of the protections found in the warranty, knowing they’re present provides a lot of peace of mind.

There will be more decisions that must be made before the new windows are ordered and installed. Do not hesitate to change the position, height, width or anything else you may get as a suggestion because every bit is important. Windows are usually overlooked but they too play a huge part in home’s safety, energy preservation and are awesome light source all day round is placed in the right spot. Go over every facet of the process with the contractor and make sure you know what to expect. Ask questions and listen closely to the responses. Together, the two of you can come up with a plan that results in windows that provide excellent performance and appearance for many years to come.

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