5 Trendy Ways to Decorate Your Gaming Room with Neon Signs

If you are a gamer, then there are a couple of things we would like to highlight about you. Without any doubt, you have a different mentality and habit that most people in the world will not understand. Games and computer equipment are your passion, and you would give whatever it takes to be the best among others.

Many people will probably say you are just a kid because playing games is something children often do. However, they do not understand how much time and energy you invest to become better than your competitors. Despite that, people will often not understand your needs, and one of those needs is to decorate your gaming room in the best possible way.

Why is decorating a room so important? Because you spend most of your time there. Many details could distract and disturb you while you are trying to improve your skills, and the decoration of your room must not be one of those things. You need to feel comfortable and the atmosphere in your room needs to inspire. If you struggle to do that properly, then we one great piece of advice for you. Neon signs are something that you can use to make your gaming room trendy.

The question you probably have now is “how exactly can I do that”. Well, if you continue reading this article with 100% concentration, then you will get some answers. We will provide you with some tips, but no one says you need to apply them. They can also serve as an inspiration that will help you make your own ideas. So, let’s get started!

Match the Neon Signs with The Color of Your Wall


The color of the neon signs you plan to use in your gaming room is irrelevant. However, something that does matter is the fact that you need to match their color with the color of your wall. For instance, if the walls in your gaming room are black, you should get some neon lights that will brighten up your room. For instance, pink neon signs can be an excellent choice. They can also be a great combination for purple and blue walls.

Use a Neon Sign Near Your Bed

Instead of using a lamp, you can put the neon sign near your bed and use it to light up that area during the night. What type of neon sign you will put there depends only on your mentality and style. Some people would not even invest a lot of effort; they would put a small neon sign in “Good Night” form. Others would, on the other hand, try to customize the neon sign and make it more matchable in that way.

You are a gamer, so we are the second option that works better for you. You can, for instance, use the quote “Work Hard Play Hard” and inspire yourself to play the games and improve your skills from the early morning. Choose a quote or a word and ensure it is the last thing you see before you close your eyes and the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning.

Make a Logo of Neon Signs


Well, this may not be an appropriate solution for every gamer. However, it will be an excellent choice for those gamers that plan to stream games online and want to improve their brand identity. Making neon signs in form of their logo can be an excellent way to promote yourself every time you upload a video on YouTube or go live on Instagram and any other platform.

Another reason why you should do this is, once again, inspiration. Whenever you wake up, you will see your logo, and remind yourself the new day when you need to work hard has just started. Because of that, even if you do not plan to stream games, the next option may be a good option.

Use Neon Signs In Form of Your Nickname

You do not use your name when you are playing games. Instead of that, you probably have a nickname, and most gamers probably call you that way. This may be strange for people outside of the gaming world, but we know you understand it excellent.

Anyway, using neon signs in form of your nickname will make you unique and different from others. There is probably not a single person that uses the same nickname as you. Because of that, your gaming room will be unique without any doubt because you won’t be the only person that is using neon signs to decorate his gaming room.

You can use the Shades of the Same Color


We are once again moving back to the influence of wall color on your decision. If the color of your walls is dark, it would be much better to use light-color neon signs. However, there is one trick – you can pair the colors by using the different shades of the same color.

If the color of your walls is white, then you can pair them with white neon signs. Something we only do not recommend is to match the shades of black color. Too much dark color in one place often negatively influence the motivation of people. Besides, your eyes will start to hurt you if you spend many hours daily in front of the computer.

Final Thought

As previously mentioned, these are only some of the ideas you can use. If you don’t like them, we are sure they will serve as an inspiration to think of something unique and different.

Anyway, there is one more tip that we need to provide you with. As you can see, all the neon signs that we mentioned require customization. Because of that, we recommend you check out websites and customize your neon signs for an affordable price. That is the best way to get the neon lights that will be completely matchable with your personal style and decoration of your room.

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