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Using the Vibration of Bliss to Detox and Transform Your Life

Bliss is a vibrational frequency that can be used to achieve astronomical changes in our lives if we learn to us it right. It is your true self so there is an abundance of that energy, but the challenge is learning to access, hone and master it. It is the most intelligent aspect of you.

One very important but often overlooked part of knowing your inner bliss is that bliss is a frequency. The body is the conduit that holds many frequencies, which is why when we feel negative, self-defeating thoughts, it starts showing up in our bodies. For us to be and hold our bliss frequency, we need to change our body chemistry.

The change in body chemistry happens naturally. Once we commit to the intelligence of the higher octave in the body, the rest follows. I believe this is the only way to change. But oftentimes we get pulled by the frequencies around us to such a degree that we don’t hold changes sustainably, despite our desire to be our highest self.

One of the things that has been game a changer for me is to surround myself with people who also live in a higher octave. It is our tribe that has the deepest transformational effects on our lives, and next thing we know, slowly but surely our magnetics change. We become the company we keep.

In my own life, I have noticed there are 3 different stages with different rules applying to each of them.

The first is the detox. This is the most disciplined phase of transformation. It is also the shortest phase. The modus operandi in this phase is the word “No”. I prefer to say “No, thank you!” It’s when we realize all the things that are not in alignment with our higher octave of bliss. If we live like this for a long period of time, we become non-flexible and dogmatic, and eventually dense. If we don’t do this phase at all, we remain loose and powerless.

In the next phase, an amazing thing happens. Our body starts responding to everything we have protected it against in the detox phase. Imagine the body to be a delicate flower, or rather 8 delicate flowers — your glands. A garden doesn’t grow under concrete or even extreme windy conditions. Some of the influences in our lives can be so dense that it can interfere with the natural unfolding of our bliss garden – our true potential. Once we detox them, our body starts responding.

So all of a sudden, your amazing NO-ness is letting your subconscious mind know that you are here to encourage your own natural evolution and actually partner with it. The results start showing. Your glands and internal systems are notwithstanding so much extra pressure and start to come out to play/heal. This play lasts a little while.

In this phase, while the glands and the body’s DNA return to their natural state, we can watch and learn from others who have mastered the use of certain glands. (I offer my own body’s natural frequencies that I have been honing for so many years, as fragrance/resonance.) I am sure some of you know, smell or resonance is the greatest trigger for soul memory. Swimming around in these subtle and powerful vibrations, the body goes through a deep remembrance and re-programming. DNA lights twinkle.

The last phase of transformation is a lifestyle. This is the longest phase of your highest octave. It is achieved when your bliss frequency is the strongest frequency in your life. All the wisdom stored in your soul shows up enabled, ready to let you know who you are, your natural beauty, your true love, your destiny, your true diet, your true exercise and so much more. Although you spend the rest of your life in mastery of this honing, fine-tuning, becoming better at it, the first few months are crucial in establishing the new ‘normal’.

Detox, DNA Activation, Mind Body Transformation – with Indra

Indra (Mona) is a powerful international healer. Through her work, she has helped hundreds of people find health, wealth, love and happiness, transforming their lives forever.

At age 15, she had her spiritual awakening in India, through which she experienced a deep physical, DNA-level activation. This led her to the discovery of profound knowledge about self-empowerment through the activation of DNA.

Wanting to explore the full significance of her experience, she took on the challenge of testing her spiritual knowledge in everyday situations, exposing her self to all aspects of the human experience. This intense experiment with the programmed world proved to be a solid confirmation that the Bliss Instinct reigns supreme to all other instincts of human kind. Having returned to her natural blissful state through the LumenOctave principles, she has dedicated her life to healing and inspiring those around her.

Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Masters in Communications, Indra combines her esoteric and intuitive knowledge with practical academic and corporate experience to offer a never before seen healing technique, which addresses the human condition on all levels.

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