9 Reasons Why Dubai is the Most Adventurous Place in the World – 2024 Guide

Dubai is a city that has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the last fifteen years. It exudes incredibly rich, modern architecture, endlessly long sandy beaches, luxury hotels, and shopping malls. It is especially attractive to European tourists because the flight is not long.

It is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates in terms of population, a city that is constantly growing, being built, exceeding its borders. The official language is Arabic and the currency is the dirham. The most desirable time to visit Dubai is from October to March when temperatures range around 28 to 30 degrees Celsius. Many people think that staying in this city necessarily means a lot of cultural rules, strict dress, and the like, but Dubai is more open to the western world than the rest of the UAE.

In the last ten years, Dubai has transformed at an unprecedented rate from a desert to one of the most modern, richest, and most dynamic cities on the planet. Their wealth, however, does not come from oil sources, as is generally thought. Oil resources exist, but they provide only about 20 to 30% of income. The rest comes from tourism and the economy because this is a duty-free zone.

This desert, with only ten years ago, with extreme climatic conditions, and today the jewel of the Middle East, owes its prosperity to wisely guided domestic and foreign policy. That is why today there are no hungry people here, no poor people, no unemployed people (except those who do not need to work), no crime, and the whole world wants to come here. The visionary policy of the sheik is also responsible for all this. There is no democracy here and no political parties. So, it was enough to just abolish taxes and open the country, and everyone ran into the desert, to the unbearable heat and humidity. And heaven on earth was created.

1. Camel riding


Only if you embark on an adventure called a desert safari, you will feel the real emperors of Dubai. Riding a camel is a thing that rarely a tourist misses. This is also possible in the winter months, and in addition to horseback riding, you will be able to enjoy belly dancing with a barbecue in the tents set up in the desert. For those who want a mark on the body that will remind them of the unforgettable time spent in this place, canna tattooing is the right choice.

2. Let’s go shopping!

Four words – a paradise for shopaholics! It is simply impossible to mention this city without looking back at the shopping malls that make Dubai an even more popular destination. Shopping malls are on every corner, and whichever one you enter, you won’t go wrong. In them, you can find everything you want – from world fashion brands such as Armani, Gucci, Versace, and others, to those that most can afford – Zara, Mango, H&M, and so on. The United Arab States is considered one of the richest countries in the world. Women from this country are covered, and few know that under the long, traditional dresses are hidden clothes and shoes of world fashion brands.

3. Do you want to ski?


Yes, it’s always warm in Dubai. But we have already said that this city offers an adventure you can only imagine. Therefore, if on a hot summer day, you have a desire to ski, your desire will become a reality if you go skiing Dubai, a shopping center that has been turned into a ski resort. Here you will be able to ski, hang out with penguins, enjoy countless rides through the snow park, and much more!

4. World of Illusions

In moments when you need a break from many physically exhausting and incredibly fun activities, treat yourself to a visit to the World of Illusion, one of the world’s largest museums. This is a place that will gladly play with your vision and understanding of the things around you, but also a place where you will record amazing photos that will remind you of this unforgettable journey.

5. Indoors and outdoors skydiving


The moment you feel too hot for outdoor activities, take a break from them and cool off by trying out outdoor skydiving. This is a good choice for all those who would like to try their hand at skydiving but lack the courage. You can find out more about this and many other adventures at Dubai-Adventure.

However, for adrenaline addicts, this will not be enough, until they try outdoor skydiving and experience the beauties of Dubai from a height of 400 meters.

6. Swim with sharks

In the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, you will be able to see over 30,000 animals, and the braver ones will be able to swim with sharks. In a diving cage, of course. But we still think that only the bravest have the stomach to do this.

7. Hummer desert safari and sandboarding


Going to Dubai without feeling the emperors of the Sahara Desert would surely be an incomplete experience. This is a unique opportunity for you to take a tour through the largest desert in the world, and the experience is special both night and day. Once you’re there, take a break from driving and sightseeing and try sandboarding.

8. Ice Land water park

This place should never be left out on a family tour. The place is ideal for picnics, family gatherings, birthdays. Also, there is also a water park, a snowy river, as well as an amusement park with over 15 exciting rides.

Final thoughts

Dubai offers much more than the above, and every tourist experiences it in their way. What else do we need to say about a city that never sleeps, where there are so many types of entertainment that a two-week vacation won’t be enough to experience it in the right light? Let’s just say one thing – this is a city he rarely goes to without wanting to come back again!

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