5 Dungeon Tips Every Wow Player Should Know

World of Warcraft, commonly known as Wow, has become a very popular online multiplayer game amongst gamers. With this spreading popularity, many players of the game have become curious about how to perform the best in the game and achieve the highest laurels.

The players of this game have also started to avail the various boosts to improve their performance in the game by WoW Boost.

One such important aspect of the game where one can improve one’s performance are the dungeons. Dungeons can be found all over the map of World of Warcraft. They are adventure zones designed for a group of up to 5 players.

A group or party must consist of specific character classes which include a tank, a healer, and up to three damage dealers . Dungeons can be reached by travelling there by oneself, by making use of a Meeting Stone, or using the Dungeon Finder tool within the game.

Making the best use of the opportunities found in the various dungeons can help in increasing one’s scores in World of Warcraft. But it can be a bit of a task for some players, especially the new ones, to do well in the dungeons. Hence, below are 5 important tips related to the dungeons that every World of Warcraft player should know.

Choose the Player Mode that One Enjoys


While playing Wow or any other game, it is important to play it in a mode that one enjoys. After all, an important purpose of playing any online or offline game is to enjoy it.

As with World of Warcraft, there are thirty-six specifications that one can choose from. For example, for someone that likes to play games which are fast-paced, Outlaw Rogue or Arms Warrior can be good options. Similarly, if someone likes to play slow-paced games the Assassination Rogue and Affliction Warlock can be better as they have a lower rate of Actions Per Minute or APM.

Using External Applications to Communicate with One’s Teammates


In case of raiding or being in a dungeon, it becomes important to communicate with one’s teammates. An effective communication amongst teammates and other players essentially helps in having good coordination.

Afterall, World of Warcraft is an online multiplayer game. As a result, players prefer to communicate via a variety of platforms. The most common modes of communication used by World of Warcraft players are as follows:

  • Discord
  • Built-In Chat Option in the Game
  • Skype

It comes as no surprise that the in-game chat option is readily accessible and should be used. Sometimes there is no reason to join together on a separate “Voice Over IP” if one is discussing a casual subject matter related to the game.

When one is going to time warp, bloodlust, and other such activities, it becomes essential to convey it to one’s teammates. In-game conversation options can generally meet these needs. However, one may be asked to join a voice programme such as Discord while playing higher level PvE content.

One Should Remain Ready to Face an Encounter and Prepare in Advance

The very least one should do is read the Dungeon Journal, which is readily accessible in the game. This will, at the very least, give one a basic awareness of how a fight works in the game. What it may not show, though, is how the boss moves, how the specific mechanics engage with one another, and how one can respond to said mechanics.

When one progresses to high level PvE content, the mechanics and abilities of the bosses become more sophisticated than one may be accustomed to. As a result, one should prepare for the game and dungeon as much as possible in advance. One should ensure that one has the proper equipment, gears and supplies before entering a dungeon.

One should also ensure that one’s weapons and armour are completely repaired and that one is equipped with one’s most adequate items. It is also a good idea to keep a good supply of healing equipment on hand, such as food, water, potions and bandages for quick recovery.

One Should Know Their Role and Play Accordingly


One should not enter a fight unless one knows what one’s role is in the raid. The character class determines one’s role within the group. Having an idea about one’s specific role helps one plan in advance. One should take one’s knowledge of the class one plays and apply it to the particular mechanics and creatures one might encounter in a PvE set-up.

When it comes to fighting enemies, the tank should be in the lead, with the damage dealers close behind. The healer should stay out of direct combat, offering assistance to the offensive characters as needed.

One should remember that one’s team is counting on them and stick to one’s pre-defined role. There will always be something one can do to get better at the game, World of Warcraft, specifically the Dungeon.

One Should Try to Stick With One’s Group


While playing in a dungeon in World of Warcraft, it is important for one to stick with one’s group or party. If one is in a group, one should try not to stray too far from the other players of the group. This is because the rounds played in the dungeon depend a lot on group coordination.

Survival requires teamwork, especially since each character class plays an essential part. It can be disastrous for the team if the healer becomes separated from the group or if the tank wanders too far ahead.


Above are the five most important tips that one should follow while playing dungeons in World of Warcraft. It can make the game much more fun and a lot less stressful for the player. In all, for a dungeon round to be successful, it is important to have coordination amongst the team members and stay connected with them.

Alongside this, it also helps to know the basic rules and stick to the functions one is supposed to do according to their class to ace the game.

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