4 Main Email Marketing Trends for 2024

Since we live in a digital world where everything is online, and we spend most of our time searching, reading, and watching various content, it’s nothing strange that the main part of marketing is also right there – on the web. The email was one of the first and one of the most crucial elements of digital marketing for quite some time, and it was our way into the digital era, but as other forms of advertising appeared, many thought that email marketing campaign would cease to exist. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Emails are something we all use on a daily basis, and whether it is for work, entertainment, or registering to some website to purchase something, not a day goes by that we don’t at least check for new mail. Now, since that’s the case, why would email marketing stop being influential? If there is a good campaign with a personalized offer and message, what better way to reach people, represent some new product or service than via email?
If the last year taught us anything is how everything can easily change, and during the troublesome 2024, with every major company switching to digital marketing, everyone realized that email marketing is fighting back and once again becoming the No. 1 and most preferred way of advertising. Also, e-commerce was at its peak throughout the whole last year, and that is a trend that will surely continue its rise in 2024.

Knowing all this, even the largest skeptics admitted they were wrong about all this, and today, this way of marketing is reaching new highs, which is why we will now take a closer look at what are the new and main email marketing trends for 2024 that can help you achieve your goals.

1. Email personalization


It is never a nice feeling when you know that you are getting the same message as a million other people. Every person loves to feel special, and that is something you should give them every time they open your email. With automated messaging, it is possible to personalize automatic messages, and in that way, every client is getting an email written for him. On the other side, that will save you a lot of time since there is no need to write every email separately, and besides that, the business will grow without losing customers. To know clients better and to find out what they like or not, the best thing you can use are surveys or call-to-action at the end of the email. That can be helpful in creating a personalized message for every one of them and increase the chances that your message will not end in the trash. Pay attention to feedbacks because it is the best way to see are your clients entertained and is there something you need to change.

2. Creative, original, and personalized content


Good content was, is, and always will be a must thing when we speak about digital marketing. The only thing different is that today most people are craving positive, creative, and authentic content, which is nothing surprising. Now, you have several ways to achieve that, but surely the most effective way is some kind of interaction with your readers. Many companies used this in promoting some new product, and it has shown that people like sharing their thoughts and photos on social media, creating hype over that particular product. User-generated content is recommended, as it is perhaps the best way to achieve your goals, and it is something that will certainly mark the year ahead of us. That, combined with info valuable to the readers, will do wonders for your business.

3. Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence may sound unfamiliar and confusing, but the fact is that it can be useful in email campaigns. For a successful campaign, you need a lot of data, and there is no doubt that you can find them online. The problem is to collect and process them, and it is almost impossible for every human, no matter how advanced software he is using. Artificial Intelligence is much faster, and it can finish challenging tasks without big effort. In some of them, such as analysis, effective outreach, or list segmentation, it is already more successful than humans, and using AI is saving a lot of time. Besides that, Artificial Intelligence is gaining more and more abilities every day, and using it for email marketing can be very useful.

4. New design


The design is always important, so the same thing is with the email design too. There is a lot of space to be creative and different, and it is something that is often changing, just like fashion, from season to season. The email message is subjective and everybody is deciding the way of writing, but there is always some advice on how it should look to be successful. Many external factors affect that, but one of the most important is the fact that many people are checking their mailbox via smartphone. Because of that, it was necessary to make some changes to adjust the mails in that way that they can be seen on the smartphone display. Minimalism is something that many believe will be perfect for email campaigns. That means that every message should have a great structure, without any unnecessary details. Using bright colors can be a perfect strategy if you want to be noticed. Sometimes it can be better than using a lot of pictures since the potential subscribers will see the message and not only a photo. The dark mode is popular for a while, and it probably will be for a long time. It allows the user to choose if he wants dark to read the message in dark or classic white color, but also to adjust the brightness of it. That can be perfect for those whose phone’s brightness is reduced to the end, and they still think it’s too bright.

As the year goes by, there is always a chance that some new trends come up, but right now, the trends mentioned above are something that will shape up email marketing in 2024. For more info on this topic, as well as for more advice and guidance, you can check eSputnik as it is an omnichannel marketing automation platform that allows launching promotional campaigns via Email, SMS, Viber, and Web Push Notifications.
Happy Emailing.

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