Will You Be Entering The Rainbow Portal?

Our planet is reaching a point in the cosmos where almost all the planets can be seen by Earth and will be in complete alignment with all the sentient beings on its surface. This alignment is a time to assess where your personal alignments in your emotional and energetic realm are. You are such a dynamic being, the light or the vibration that connects each one of us from the spectrum and the center point of creation is beaming through your central channel to animate not only your physical body but all matter. Your soul is a spectrum of light from the infinite void of darkness, a dualistic mirroring the dynamics of when light filters through a prism and breaks into specific colors forming a rainbow.

Everything in the entire universe is vibration, all physical forms that we can tangibly touch are moving on a subatomic level, they are oscillating and pulsating with life. We always thinking of the physical world being the most powerful form of reality but everything we can physically see is created first from the unseen realm, science is now proving what spirit has felt for thousands of years. It is those feelings within you that drive the etherical form of the physical, feelings turn to hormones, a more subtle form of the physical, to drive our larger decision and actions. That is why connecting to the unseen, to what can only be felt by you is so important.

You are here in the physical body to feel deeply into where the light has been blocked or filtered from displaying at it’s brightest potency and to liberate yourself, to free your spirit! These centers have been defined as the Chakras by the ancient mystics of India, an intuitive guide on how to feel where we need to be karmically cleansed so to speak. Although I believe in the energetic map these mystics have provided, I believe each one of us shares a different signature resonance or feeling associated with each of these Chakra centers that is why you are the only one that knows specifically what you need to heal, not only for you but for the collective. Each person has different areas where the light is streaming effortlessly and different areas where it is having difficulties.

If you would like an explanation and introduction to the science of the Chakras here is Spirit Science’s Video:

When referring Chakras, the easiest way for me to understand these centers of light and energy is through feeling. I can try to to explain all of the colors, in what areas of the body they are located, and what the Chakras stand for but that is not going to take you within to actually connect with that place with to be able to find YOUR specific center of resonance and balance.

That is what I want to offer you, the ability to look within, to place the power of healing not in some guru outside of you but in YOUR hands, in YOUR heart because your soul knows everything it needs to do here already, we are all just helping each other home.

Many different mystics and healers of this time are calling this celestial convergence “The Rainbow Portal”, I have decided to join in and create my own grounded interpretation of this event so that anyone, of any age, in any situation can connect to this time period to help in self-expansion and personal growth. I decided to put together a series of seven guided meditations focusing on clearing the mind’s interpretation of these centers and getting you into feeling your specific center. A guide into spirit self-exploration and at the end of this series, I will offer a group meditation to clear, align, and connect all of the Chakras before this portal ends.I feel there is a window of opportunity to tune into your specific resonance and vibration starting today and bridging into the end of the month. This is a time when the sensitivities to be able to let go of any vibration (situation, emotion, false belief) that is blocking the purest form of light, that light is here to pulse through your physical vessel, therefore, driving your purpose here on the planet. I would love to show you how to look within to see and FEEL the blocks, so you can start stepping in the guidance of this feeling system, YOUR specific spirit guide within.

Here is one of my guided meditations I provided yesterday on the Throat Chakra:

There has been an acceleration of problems rising to the surface or old patterns being brought to life, life may seem full of drama or crisis at this point but this is a display of chaos before hitting a specific harmony of self. What needs to be cleansed needs to be seen before it can be recognised, realised and then released for soul restoration. You and I have incarnated in this physical realm to experience the duality and weaving in and out of the the dark to integrate back into the place where all things are one. Every pattern, placement and position in your life has purpose.

The gateway has been the eclipses from 2015 creating the bridge of rest and integration time until now. The Full Solar Eclipse on March 9th, I feel this is the time when many of the collective went into some form of darkness to illumination. We are now entering the Equinox on the 20th-21st this again, another thread of death and renewal, rebirth and regeneration; then we will be moving into the Partial Lunar Eclipse on the 23rd of March to help liberate us from hidden subconscious aspects that are filtering the full embodiment of spirit in human form.

Before expanding on the Easter gate, I want to firstly state this goes beyond any specific religion. On Easter, the ethos of Christ and the intentions of his illuminated heart will be celebrated around the world. Anytime that the world comes together in masses, we collectively create a field of consciousness whether it is Global Meditation or the Super Bowl. The prominent vibratory state the collective is feeling is creating a field of vibration sending into creation. This is a great time to feel into your heart, to let love cleanse away all that is not serving you, to forgive yourself and others, to let go of anything that is blocking your heart from expanding.

I have been using this time personally to search into deep ancestral patterns within my family and the collective of women, my womb holds many memories of the years of self-sacrifice and suppression. How do I know? Well, I am human and my physical display of the karmic is a pain in my abdominal region. I have been meditating, using self-love mantras, healing touch and nourishing my sacral chakra with herbs, following my heart and listening to spirit during this time to fully utilize the journey I have been gifted to karmic cleanse in this human body. Pain is a voice, the body uses to tell you to put conscious love and focus on something that has not been seen, held, forgiven, loved, and healed.

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