Factory Relocation Tips: How to Move Overseas

With the increase in expenses and problems in finding workers, your business might be at risk in your country. With the ability to relocate your factory to a location with a better business climate, you will surely benefit from that.

However, relocating a whole factory is surely not an easy process. Besides the moving process, many things have to be considered beforehand. For that reason, taking your time to plan and prepare is essential for a less stressful period.

To help you manage the relocation process, we made this article. In addition, we provided a couple of tips that will surely make the move easier. Keep reading and get informed better.

Learn laws and regulations


Before you select the country where your factory will be located, you must learn the laws and regulations there. With that, you will know the conditions of being a business owner and see whether these regulations are profitable for you.

In addition, some countries have forbidden manufacturing certain things. For that reason, learning the laws in the new country is the first thing you should consider. There may be special taxes that might increase the working expense. If you fail to settle the taxes, you will be fined, or even worse.

In case you don’t want to put in time by yourself, it is wise to consult with people from that sector to learn whether that is the place you want to settle your business.

Consider the language

Language is another factor that needs to be considered. By having a barrier with your new workers, you might have trouble getting the right working dynamics and relations. Although you can always bring a translator or communicate only with the managers, that is still not the right approach.

For that reason, you should consider a country where most people speak worldwide languages or a country with a similar language to yours.

Observe your machinery


After you decide where you want to do your industrial relocation, it is time for the machinery observation. Although this is done regularly, it is important to check every piece of equipment so you can repair it if needed. Imagine the frustrations of doing all the transportation work for a broken machine.

In addition, this is the right time to decide whether it is better to purchase new machines from the new location and sell the old ones. This will help you to minimize certain transportation costs, and renew your equipment which will surely help your work.

If you have some old machines that should be replaced anyway, it is better to sell them right away, and manage purchases in the new country. They might have better prices which will also help your budgeting.

Find a moving service

To be sure that the move will be perfectly executed, you must find the right moving firm. However, since heavy machinery needs to be transported, you will need help from a special international factory relocation firm.

You need to ensure that the firm is reliable, and that can be seen by looking at reviews or asking people who had a recent move. To make sure a certain firm is right for your situation, you should consult with them and let them know your needs. That will help both ends since everyone will know what to expect.

In addition, it is advisable to listen to their recommendations because they have been doing this for a long time, and know all the tricks. This will help you to move your factory quicker, and prevent too many days of downtime. If you are relocating your factory and need professional help with moving, click here.

Understand the transportation method


Another thing that has to be discussed with the moving company is the transportation method they prefer.

For example, if everything gets moved using trucks, you might need more time because of the customs of the countries passed. However, if you go by ship, you must ensure that the country you plan on moving to has a port.

Anyways, you have to ensure a quick move so you can resume work quickly. For that reason, listen to the moving company and let them handle the business appropriately.

Get everything settled

While your items are on the move, you have to prepare the facility. For that reason, it is important to prepare a whole floorplan to know exactly where everything sits and not lose time. This significantly speeds up the relocation process and is an essential part of the move.

In addition, you must ensure that you get all the necessary utilities installed. Machines cannot work without power, so having everything prepared is essential. In addition, without internet, the factory might not work depending on the equipment you have. Any smart machine needs to be connected, so make sure you have everything ready.

Lastly, you want to have people ready to begin working. For that reason, while everything is getting arranged, you should put advertisements and hire the right number of people. With that, they will have enough training, and you can ensure the productiveness of your factory.

Appropriate marketing


The techniques of presenting your firm to a new market work differently in new countries. That is why you will need a local firm to prepare your marketing campaign. They know their culture and know what works the best. With that, you can ensure better product placement without any stress.

However, if your factory is only based on manufacturing and shipping the items abroad, the campaign does not change anything. Just use the benefits of running your business cheaper and do not compensate for quality.


By going through the things we provided, you will surely find the relocation process easier. Learn the regulations, and select the best international factory moving firm you can find. This will help you in reducing stress, and be sure that everything will be finished on time.

Since you will be the new factory in the area, you should focus on treating you’re the best way possible. Implement smart payment techniques, and motivate your workers further. With that, you can ensure productivity, and your business will surely benefit from that.

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