7 Fast Facts on Pest Problems NO Melbourne Local Should Ignore

The truth is, somewhere close by your bed, sofa or kitchen there could be a colony of mice, some cockroaches or a few ants. However, many Melbourne locals prefer living in denial about what’s going on behind the scenes on their own properties. But you can’t take the risk of not tending to the problem!

Ask your neighbours. If anyone of them has ever needed to use pest control Melbourne locals know never to ignore the critters again. And these 7 facts will prove to you why.

Pests Get in Almost ANYWHERE

Even your stunning home that keeps you warm and safe can provide easy access to a range of creatures you definitely don’t want to share your space with. From spiders to cockroaches and even rodents, they have the ability to crawl in through the tiniest of cracks and start their home invasion.

Whether it’s a gap somewhere in your roof, a crack in a wall or even an open window, pesky creatures will use any opportunity to enter the safety and warmth of the building—and make use of the luxuries like your pantry cupboard.

Therefore, no matter how old or new your building is, you can’t simply assume you don’t need to implement pest control.

Gardens are OFTEN the Problem

Gardens are OFTEN the Problem

A major source of your pest problem could be your garden:

  • That impressive heap of wood you collected for the winter can be a breeding ground for certain critters.
  • Even a long tree branch that reaches towards the building wall can give insects access to the home—without the risk of being seen and killed on the ground below.
  • Your lovely garden has the potential to draw bees and spiders.

While you may not wish to kill all these creatures, some of them may need to be relocated in order for you to live in peace.

Acting FAST is Essential

No matter how a pest gets access to your property or house, you shouldn’t give them much time to settle in and get comfortable. Did you know one mouse can give birth to up to six babies after a gestation period of only three weeks? And one of them can produce up to 10 litters in one year.

Imagine how many mice can be on your property in the next month or two if you don’t get rid of the first few.

This is one example of many that proves the importance of acting quickly the moment you notice tell-tale signs of pests in the area.

It’s About the SOURCE, Not the Symptoms

It’s About the SOURCE, Not the Symptoms

Whether it’s mouse droppings you notice on the kitchen table or cockroaches making noises at night, it won’t do to simply take care of the critters you happen to come across. Killing a few won’t reduce fast-growing colonies, so your problems will keep intensifying.

What’s necessary is to remove the source of the problem. This can involve killing them or trapping and relocation, but understand that in most cases a DIY job won’t do. For one thing, each pest requires a specific solution. It takes a professional to analyse the area, identify the source and design a strategy.

You’re Putting Your Family’s HEALTH at Risk

If you take too long to call in the professionals, you’re unfortunately running the risk of you and your household experiencing health issues. Many pests can affect the environment they live in, such as spreading diseases or triggering an allergic reaction.

Problems related to pests include:

  • Asthma symptoms
  • Microbial diseases cause viruses or bacteria
  • Rabies
  • Bites that may require medical treatment

Pest Problems CAN be Prevented

Pest Problems CAN be Prevented

It’s clear that the public should be aware of the necessity of dealing with pests, but another fact people often forget is the value of preventative maintenance. Your local pest control vendor can create a maintenance plan for your particular property. Keeping to these guidelines can reduce the chances of a pest once again setting up camp near you.

Pest Control can be Environmentally FRIENDLY

After reading about the dangers of pests, you may still be apprehensive about using pest control services, simply because you love and respect the environment. Homeowners often don’t want to create a problem of harming nature just because they don’t like sharing space with some insects.

Luckily, thanks to innovation, many pest control agencies can tend to pest problems using environmentally friendly products. It won’t even harm your family or your pets!

In Summary

Many pests can reproduce very quickly and become more difficult to eradicate. So, if you’re even only suspecting there’s a pest problem on your property—home or business—you’re taking a huge risk by not acting TODAY.

Also, they can cause a lot of damage in a short period of time, making it worth every dollar getting the experts on the case promptly. Don’t let an unseen enemy invade and ruin your territory!

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