What Is the Best Free Online Resume Builder – 2024 Guide

In a competitive job market, having a well-structured resume is highly essential. A resume is a great way to show off your work and stand out from the crowd. According to recent studies, only 7 out of 100 job seekers have a well-designed Cv template.

A job hunter should put together as many tools as possible to enhance the search for their dream job. Without a CV and a cover letter, achieving your desired position can be difficult. People have their own perceptions of what a good vita should look like, but the only real opinions that matter are those of the hiring managers.

In order to create an effective journal, the resume builder should be your constant companion. These tools come with attractive templates that help you build a smart CV for yourself.

What Features Make the Best Online Resume Builder?

A resume builder can either help you get a job or mess up your applications. Therefore, you should be careful when it comes to choosing a resume builder. Below are some specific features you should look for in a tool.

  • Include the right information


A CV builder creates a layout according to your industry and profession and asks you related questions. If the layout of the curriculum vitae has irrelevant details and sections, you may end up adding data that will not convince your potential employer.

A CV builder has many templates and examples that you can use. When you start with a solid template, you will be able to fill in the right information. If you want to get hired quickly, then stick to a builder tool that gives you the right advice on what information to include in your CV.

It is recommended to use the standard formatting, as shown on CV templates. Plus, if you have just started out and have little experience in building a curriculum vitae, then looking at examples will helps you come up with more information to include. Always make sure to include relevant information only; loading your CV with too many details may ruin your chances of getting hired.

  • Make your information easy to scan

A suitable resume is one that contains information that is easy to absorb. When a company posts a job, they receive hundreds of applications, and reading out the CV in detail can take ages to complete the hiring process. Therefore, a recruiter does not read your complete details. Instead, he/she only scans to find pertinent information.

A few seconds are enough to determine whether you can make it to the interview. A CV builder should help you place your information in a way that your personal details are easy to scan, and the information is readable for hiring managers.

  • Gives the hiring manager a familiar format


A Cv’s format differs from industry to industry. If you work in a creative field, then you need a certain amount of creativity in your curriculum vitae. But if your job requires a certain level of decorum, then your CV should be designed according to the tone of your field and the organization you want to work with.

Hiring managers in certain fields like accountancy and engineering prefer a format that is simple and easy to scan. A CV builder will give you access to these formats to help you develop a resume, which is both familiar and appealing to the recruiter.

  • Templates that use font effects properly

Italics and bold prints in a template should be used appropriately. The problem is that job hunters over-emphasize font effects, which negatively impact the outlook of their CV. A curriculum vitae builder will guide you to use font effects such that your personal details stand out in the eyes of hiring managers. The CV should not become a difficult document to read.

A vita’s format and the font are just as important as the content inside it. Applying for jobs and making it to the interview is indeed a challenging task in your job hunt process, but with a strong curriculum vitae in hand, the process becomes extremely easy.

Best Free Online Resume Builder

There are a lot of factors one should consider when seeking out the services of a resume builder. First of all, it should be affordable. You don’t want your CV to break your bank. Online builder tools are recommended options because they serve the same quality as the paid tools. A tool that offers a good-looking design should be your top priority.

Here, we bring you the most reliable CV builder tools.

1. SmallSEOTools


SmallSEOTools resume builder has been in the market for quite a long time. The templates you will find in this resume maker are truly one of its kinds. The design and visibility of information have been taken special care of in all templates. This resume creator offers a lot of customization options that are hard to find in most resume builders you will find nowadays.

2. Resume Genius


Resume Genius comes with strong features. The tool will ask you a series of multiple-choice questions and requires you to fill in the blanks with the necessary details. Once all data has been fed in, the tool will generate the curriculum vitae in your chosen format.



The website is actually set up like a curriculum vitae, and it becomes easy to visualize what your final product will look like while you fill in each section. This tool is more of a guide than a resume builder, which is specifically useful for those who want control over the building process. It even comes up with suggestions while you create your CV.


Make your job application process smoother and enhance your chances of securing a job with these amazing curriculum vitae builder tools.

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