Fun Things to Do for Singles in Barcelona: 9 Nightlife Tips

Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in Europe, and in addition to “classic” tourists, it is often visited by business people who often come to fairs and conferences. The largest European city on the Mediterranean is said to have everything. Barcelona is best visited in the period from May to June when the temperatures are not so high and the weather is pleasant. You can also avoid crowds during this time. But if you want to spend some time on the beach, it is best to come between July and September.

This city relies on tourism and offers many activities for all those who decide to visit it – you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the architecture, Catalan modernism, and the magical buildings of Antonio Gaudi (Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Casa Mila, and so on). You will also have the opportunity to visit numerous museums and open-air theaters because this is a city of culture after all.

In this city, you will enjoy numerous beaches, Mediterranean cuisine, and much more, but don’t forget the nightlife, which is really exciting and interesting, and we are sure that everyone will enjoy it. Below, read tips about nightlife.

Night clubs


Visit some of the nightclubs and create new memories. Razzmatazz is a club that will attract all those who like a specific music genre because it is divided into smaller clubs where different music is played. Luz de plina is an old theater that turns into a night club during the week. Here you will be able to enjoy live concerts. YouBarcelona is a place where you can find more about it.

Gothic Quarter


This is the part of the city where you will find many interesting cafes, discotheques, tapas restaurants, and nightclubs. So, it is no surprise that some of the Nordic nightlife in Barcelona can be found here. From noisy indie discos to lively jazz clubs, we are sure that there will be something for everyone.

La Gran Rua de Carneval


This is one of the many carnivals in this city, and it is held in February/March. Get ready for glamorous costumes, lots of balloons, fireworks, and songs on the streets of this city! What does this event have to do with nightlife? Yes, the carnival starts during the day, but in the evening it’s a real party!

Magic fountain


It’s definitely an experience you don’t want to miss! It is estimated that around 2.5 million tourists enrich their stay in Barcelona with this unforgettable experience every year. It is recommended to get there early and take a place with a good view of the fountain. However, be aware that the fountain has specific opening hours, so check before taking your place. We are sure that you will enjoy the performance, and waterfalls that rise and fall to the rhythm of the music as they change color. Access is free.

Tibidabo amusement park


Lovers of adrenaline and crazy rides must not forget to visit this place. You will enjoy various rides, with a wonderful view because this is a place from which you will see the whole day. Just imagine what the view is like at night! At the top of the hill is the Church of the Sacred Heart, built in the neo-Gothic style, with a bronze statue of Christ on its top.

Primavera Sound Festival


This is a festival that takes place in the spring, in May/June. The city is especially lively and crowded because concerts are held in many locations, both in nightclubs and in open spaces.



Barcelona has many prominent monuments that serve as symbols of the city. Don’t forget to visit La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Casa Mila, Casa Batllo, the cathedral but also numerous museums, of which Picasso’s is definitely the most famous, as it houses 4,251 works by this famous painter. The ticket price is 12 euros, but there are also many free dates, as well as the night of the museum, which is celebrated throughout Europe.

La Barceloneta


Barcelona has four large sandy beaches, and La Barceloneta is one of them. This is a part of the city that is equally alive day and night. If you are looking for nightlife, you will find it here – numerous bars and nightclubs gather young people who know how to party until the early hours of the morning.

Camp Nou


Even if you are not a football fan, a visit to this stadium will not leave you indifferent. The stadium where Barcelona plays as a host can accommodate an incredible 99,354 spectators, which makes it the largest stadium in Europe and the second-largest stadium in the world! The opportunity to watch a match of one of the most trophy-winning clubs in Europe together with 100,000 fans and to feel the atmosphere that reigns in the stands of such a stadium does not come every day. Of course, don’t forget the FC Barcelona museum, which bears witness to the successes of this club.

When is the best time to visit Barcelona?

Given that this country has a Mediterranean climate, May and June are ideal for visiting this city. At that time, there are still not many tourists, it is warm, but not too hot, so you can visit all the interesting locations around the city. If you plan to spend your days on the beach, don’t worry, it’s warm enough even though summer hasn’t started yet.

Which transport to choose in the city?

If you like to go around and enjoy unexplored parts of the city, renting a bicycle or scooter is perfect for you. In this way, you will visit exactly what you want, and take a break when you want. Avoid taxis because they are quite expensive and Barcelona can boast of excellent public transportation such as the metro, tram, and FGC.

Final thoughts

This cosmopolitan metropolis has one of the best urban beaches in the world, architecturally diverse neighborhoods, magnificent squares, fountains, rich museums, colorful markets, beautifully landscaped green areas, an aquarium, a zoo, and large shopping centers… On the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya track, you can drive Formula 1 as well as Moto GP.

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