Top 5 Ways to Get Rid of Rats In Your Home in 2024

Rats can pose a huge problem in your home or office. Without making an effort to contain the rat issue in your home, it will only be a matter of time before you start dealing with an infestation. Unfortunately, you may not come across a rat in your home until their population grows.

Either way, the sighting of one rat in your space is reason enough to look for a solution. Fortunately, you can never run out of options when looking for the perfect way to get rid of rats. As long as you employ the right measures, you can deal with the infestation and have peace of mind. Here are top ways to eliminate rats in your home without going through a lot.

1. Block Entry Points


Rats cause damage to structures in your home and office by gnawing, biting, and even burrowing valuable items. Worse, they can produce holes big enough to allow the entry of other rodents and pests. That is why you should conduct a thorough inspection of your for any signs of entry points for rats.

Once you find the entry points, block them off completely using mesh or expandable foam. Rat-proofing does not stop there since you also have to check the doors and windows for any gaps large enough to allow rats to crawl into your space. To cover these gaps, you can use insulation treatment.

2. Set Traps


After blocking the entry points, it is time to place traps in your home. For maximum results, set the traps in areas with a large infestation. Among the most notable areas to place the rat traps include dark corners, tree lamps overlapping the house, or any other area you come across rat droppings.

However, not every rat trap you set will help you capture the creatures. Ensure you do your homework and understand the different properties of rat traps before choosing the perfect one for your needs. It is then that you can capture the rats and prevent an infestation.

3. Call a Professional


At times the level of rat infestation can cause health issues to you and your family. When this is the case, you are better off calling professionals rather than taking matters into your own hands. When you hire a trusted rat pest control London company, you can rest knowing they will eliminate the problem.

Better, a professional rat exterminator can save you the time of trying to figure out how and when rats are getting in. Of course, you need to hire a rodent control company with years of experience in the industry for things to turn out the way you expect.

Before you hire a rat exterminator, conduct a background check to find out more about the quality of their services. You can also ask for recommendations from family members, colleague and friends before making a hiring decision. Fortunately, you can check company and hire qualified rat exterminators.

4. Prioritize Proper Sanitation


Even though proper sanitation cannot prevent a rat infestation, poor sanitation will attract them. Rats come into your home or commercial property in search of food, water, and shelter. For this reason, you need to do your best and deprive them of these essentials if you are to make your space less attractive for them.

Of course, you don’t have to go through a lot to get rid of rats in your home since the little changes you make can prove beneficial in the long run. Ensure you prioritize proper sanitation by keeping clutter to a minimum to keep track of everything taking place in your space. Remember, rats count on clutter as a source of food and nesting materials.

By making it the norm to clean the inside and outside of your home, mice will have little to no chance of maintaining a healthy population. If you are held up with work, you can always seek help from a cleaning service provider to help you declutter and clean your space. That way, you won’t have to make do with the threat of a rat infestation in your house.

5. Home Remedies


You may not know this, but home remedies can also come in handy when looking forward to getting rid of rats. The good thing about taking this approach is that you can never run out of options you can use to contain the rat infestation problem. But that’s not to say you should leverage home remedies for the sheer sake of it since they might not deliver the results you expect.

Amongst the most notable home remedies you can use to get rid of rats is peppermint oil. All you have to do is put the peppermint oil in cotton balls before placing them at the entry points. Since rats do not like the smell of peppermint, it will keep them at bay and protect your space from a possible infestation.

If you are not into peppermint oil, you can use hot pepper flakes to keep the rodents out of your home. Sprinkle the pepper along the entry points and corners of your home to keep the vermins away! Other notable home remedies to get rid of rats include garlic, clove oil, ammonia, and a mixture of plaster of Paris with cocoa powder.

The Bottom Line

At no time should you allow a rat infestation to make your home unbearable. Once you see a rat around, do not hesitate to employ DIY methods or call a professional to contain the problem. That way, you can prevent a rat infestation while protecting you and your family.

Keep in mind ignoring the possibility of a rat infestation can turn your life into a living hell. The earlier you contain the infestation, the better for you and your family members. What are you waiting for? Look for a reliable rodent control company to help you contain the rat infestation problem before it reaches drastic levels.

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