Green Card and Immigration Lawyer

Every immigrant knows how indispensable a Green Card is to stay in the United States. In simpler terms, it is your legal permit to stay in the States for as long as you like without a probe. So, if you don’t have it, you are on a countdown to return to your country. Besides, it bestows on you several privileges due to a citizen.

Being so important, it doesn’t fall into the hands of everyone entering the country. For this reason, many have opted to consult some professionals with the know-how of facilitating it. We call them immigration lawyers.

However, many count their consultation as a waste. ‘Why call them when I can straighten things out myself?’ they would say. You won’t be saying by the end of this post.

Here are five reasons why the service of an immigration lawyer is essential for a Green Card.

1. Applying for the Green Card


There are several platforms on which to apply for a Green Card. You could have a relative sponsor you, use investment funds, or seek asylum. Besides, there is the option of obtaining one through your employer sponsoring you.

Sometimes, it gets confusing choosing which way to go in applying for the permit. Each has its requirement and people best suited for it. It is not uncommon for people to choose wrongly and then fall short of the conditions. Immigration lawyers are the gotos to evaluate which option would work for you.

2. Processing the Green Card

If you are familiar with the process of applying for a Green Card, you will agree that it is no mere task. Lots of paperwork, documents to process and government bureaucracies can be overwhelming. So while the law doesn’t mandate you to have a lawyer to apply for the Permit Resident Card, not everyone can stand the rigour.

An immigration lawyer is familiar with this grinding task and won’t have a problem undertaking it for you. There is also a low probability of making mistakes while filling the forms if an expert helps out.

3. Convincing the Immigration Authorities


For one reason or the other, people find themselves under the ‘inadmissible label’. A criminal conviction, poor health status or even a job loss can earn you a listing into that category.

Sometimes, it is just the US Government seeking reasons to deny as many applicants as possible.
For the majority, that’s a dead end. But with the help of, you can convince them to acknowledge your case.

4. Accessing an Immigration Customer Service Officer

You’ll understand this better if you’ve ever had to stay on the phone for hours waiting to talk to an officer of the immigration customer service. Worse of all, you may not get the answers you’re expecting from them. It isn’t uncommon to get responses that are just a way of putting you at bay.

It takes someone with experience and knowledge of how things work to ask the right questions and get the required answers. You’re asking who? An immigration lawyer, of course!

5. Tracking the Application


The application process takes a long time. Give or take, it can take eight months to get a reply. While this is no fault of theirs, applicants can get discouraged. An experienced immigration lawyer can help to track your application.

You can’t rule out the probability of your documents getting lost in the process of transfers. Sometimes, demands can come up, which you won’t be able to bear. That’s why you need an immigration lawyer to track it for you. Should such a thing occur, they would help resubmit the missing documents and find solutions to hiccups.

The Cost Argument

An argument is that immigration lawyers charge much for their services. While this remains to be proven, you won’t say so if you’ve had to go through the rigours it entails. Immigration lawyers, are some of the least earning among law practitioners. Besides, what’s the point if a single mistake causes the application to meet a roadblock?

While everyone is free to apply for the Green Card, few end up getting it. As administrations change, so do the requirements. Getting a Green Card can be slow, painful, and in the end, a disappointing endeavour.

It would interest you to know that whether your application is granted or not, there is no refund of any money spent in the process. Why not give it your best shot?

Final Words

It is entirely up to you to decide if you’ll need the service of an immigration lawyer or not. Such is their importance that they have become synonymous with getting a Green Card. Can you do it yourself? Why not! You’re welcome to try.

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