How to Grow Marijuana Indoor in 7 Easy Steps – 2024 Guide

A few years ago, it would have been illegal to write about this topic, as well as to think about growing marijuana. But the legalization of marijuana in many US states, but also in Canada, many European Union countries and the world in general clearly shows us the tendency that will lead to the fact that within 10 years, weed will be legal everywhere in the world.

Due to the proven healing effects, as well as due to the small harm during recreational consumption, legalization should have happened much earlier. But we will not go into those details and discuss that topic, because that is not the subject of our article. You have come to read this article if you have decided to grow marijuana indoors. We assume that you have already checked whether it is legal to grow it where you live and that you have received an affirmative answer.

Now you are probably worried about how complicated it is to grow cannabis in general, as well as what conditions need to be provided for indoor cultivation. Don’t worry, it is not difficult, and we will give you the steps you need to follow.

1. Choose strain


Before you start arranging the space where you will cultivate and everything else, you need to decide which strain to grow. The choice will depend on two factors. One is what you want. What concentration of THC will be, what will be the buds, how long will you need to wait for a new bud and the like. And the other is that the strain you choose is suitable for indoor environment. Do detailed research to choose the right strain. This is the first step you have to do, because if you choose wrong, you will have to do everything from the beginning.

2. Choose a space

Let us tell you right away that you do not need a special room just for this purpose. You can do this in your bedroom or garage, if it is large enough. It is necessary to have a large enough room to be able to accommodate plants, lighting and all other equipment. Since you will probably only start with a few plants, you should have at least a few suitable rooms in your home. The basement is also not a bad choice, because the plant should be in the dark from time to time, and the basement is then an ideal space. Also, wherever you decide to place cannabis, remember that it is necessary to be able to control the temperature in that room.

3. Choose grow light


Like any other plant, cannabis cannot grow without light. And since you have decided on indoor cultivation, the choice and installation of light is very important. It is important to install lighting so that it covers the whole plant as well as possible because cannabis needs a lot of light. The choice of lights is very large, and your choice will depend on both your budget and the amount of marijuana you have. LED and fluorescent lights are the most common choices. Light-emitting ceramic is also used, with several other types of lighting, but much less frequently. LED lights are the choice of most who are starting to grow marijuana. Learn more about LED grow lights. Reflective walls are also recommended. This will prevent light scattering and amplify the light effect. Over 20% of the light effect can be enhanced by reflective walls. Also, you will reduce electricity costs.

4. Choose a substrate

There are different substrates in which it can be planted. If you decide on the soil, buy the best quality, enriched with minerals, because that way you will get a very good yield. An increasingly popular way is to plant it directly in the water. With strong lighting, this method often gives the fastest yield.

5. Install ventilation


It is essential that cannabis has a constant supply of fresh air. The best way to do this is to install ventilation. If you leave cannabis without a constant supply of fresh air, you run the risk of mold forming, which can destroy the entire plant. Also, in this way you will maintain a constant humidity, which is also very important.

6. Buy tools

You will also need to get the tools you will need for the different stages of cannabis maintenance. Pruning shears are necessary for pruning, because you constantly have to remove dead parts of the plant. They must be sharp and of good quality, because if they are blunt, you will damage parts of the plant that you did not want to cut off.

This will then slow down growth. The hygrometer is the next must have tool. You will use it to measure the humidity, because it is not enough to evaluate the humidity, but you must always have accurate information. It would be good to get a ph meter as well. A microscope and thermometer are also tools you will find in most marijuana growers.

While these tools are all necessary for growing marijuana, you will also need the equipment once everything is set and done. Everythingfor420 suggests that the best way to smoke it is with a bong, and therefore, you should check out different models and find the one you think is best.

7. Be patient and careful


Now that everything is ready and you have decided which country to grow, all you have to do is bring the plant and start cultivation. Remember to be patient. He can’t grow up overnight and have quality buds. Also, don’t be surprised if a plant withers. It’s all a learning process. It will take about 6 weeks for your plant to grow and bloom. After that comes harvesting when you get what you started all for. The details of the process will depend on several factors, such as the strain you choose, the intensity of the grow lights, and the conditions in the room where you grow.


Growing indoors has many benefits, and some of the biggest ones are that you have complete control over the conditions, as opposed to when you plant outdoors. If you follow all the steps, you will constantly have an influx of new buds, but all the care of the plant is completely up to you. So you have to be vigilant.

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